5 Best Players In 2018 FIFA World Cup


The FIFA World Cup is watched by millions of fans every four years And it’s watching the best football players in the world go head-to-head on the same field that makes it worth watching So here are the top five players to look out for in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. How’s it going guys? I’m Leroy Kenton, and you’ve made it back to another episode of FTD Facts. I love talking about football It’s my favorite sport of all time and guys before I get into this video I want to know who are some of your favorite football players Let me know down below in the comment section for sure one of my all-time favorites is Ronaldinho like he’s just football gold okay, so starting with number five in this episode We have Cristiano, Ronaldo who represents the team Portugal No name has been as popular and football in the past decade as Cristiano Ronaldo Ronaldo has risen to fame by winning all possible cups at the club level and in the summer of 2016 Ronaldo led Portugal in winning their first major title by claiming the euro cup this achievement alone Cemented Ronaldo as one of the greatest football players in the history of the game after helping Portugal topped their qualifying group ahead of Switzerland Ronaldo will be aiming higher this time around in Russia in 2018 This will be his fourth World Cup appearance as a player coming in at number 4 We have Francisco Rome on a lark on Suarez for Spain Now the Spanish national football team or more affectionately known as the red fury are one of the favourites Expected to win the 2018 World Cup the Spanish football team has some of the best midfielders in the entire world however one of those players stands out above all and that is Francisco Ramon all Archon Suarez commonly known as Isco now Isco who also plays as an attacking midfielder for Real Madrid has been Amazing to watch since making his international debut in 2013 So look out for him. He’s gonna light up the field in the 2018 World Cup now We’re at the halfway spot in this episode at number 3 we have Tony Cruz of Germany the name Tony Cruz recently caused a big stir with EA Sports when they named him the best center midfielder in FIFA 18 Described as the best passer in the modern game on the EA Sports Website Cruz has been given 81 for shooting 81 for dribbling and 88 for passing and his overall rating is 90 and I mean I would say that’s pretty accurate because Cruz has certainly left his mark both at the club level as well as at the international level Like this guy he was regarded by many as the best player in the 2014 World Cup as he was the most important man in Germany’s midfield, okay, we’re coming close to the end of this episode We have net number two Neymar for Brazil Neymar da Silva Santos jr. Commonly known as does Neymar or Neymar jr. Has scored 52 goals in 80 matches for Brazil since his debut at the age of 18 And he’s the fourth highest goal scorer for the Brazil national team Known for his dribbling his finishing and ability to handle the ball with both feet I mean Neymar is even compared to the former Brazilian forward Pele everything points towards Neymar being one of the most phenomenal players of the 2018 World Cup in Russia But as excited as people are to see Neymar in the World Cup He’s not number one on this list that goes to Lionel Messi of Argentina Leo Messi is Argentina’s all-time leading goalscorer and has been dominating the field for over a decade now Having proven himself over and over again with his club team FC Barcelona Messi has played in three World Cups so far 2006 2010 and 2014 and three Coppa Americas those are in 2007 2011 and 2015 however having the World Cup title is all it’s missing under his belt Which makes Leo Messi even more determined in mode evaded than ever? To put on his best game out there on the field in the 2018 World Cup And this is gonna be his last chance to win the World Cup Leo Messi will be 31 years old He’s more experienced more determined than ever and that Makes him the top player on this list to check out in the 2018 World Cup. Hey guys so that concludes this episode Let me know what other players you’re excited to see in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. It’s gonna be awesome I know it But leave those down below in the comments section you can also follow me on Instagram To keep up with all the stuff going on when I’m not filming videos sometimes I post like photos of me filming videos so whatever the case is plus or some other good stuff down there that you would definitely Want to click on for sure? Hey and for all of you who made it to this end screen be sure to check out our other 2018 World Cup videos we have a playlist specifically for those videos Or if you want to know more about the different cultures countries and places and just other amazing stuff around our world We have videos covering those topics as well be sure to subscribe if this is your first time here and come back every single week For new videos until the next video guys stay educated and stay awesome

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