49ers Legacy: Dwight Clark

49ers Legacy: Dwight Clark

What’s up guys? It is Bryan here. Today,
going to be doing another career retrospect on a certain player. This time, Dwight
Clark is the man because recently, he passed away as you all know on June 4,
2018. It’s a sad time for everyone in Niner Empire, Niner faithful. Rest in
Peace Dwight. Condolences to his family. Hopefully, they’re coping this as much
they can, as best as possible with his death and you are always with us Dwight as everyone in Niner Empire, Niner Nation and what have you. Want to just
go back to his career from early beginnings, all the way until now,
especially early beginnings because it kind of relates to me somewhat. A little
bit from where he’s from. Wanted to go back in his career. See how his career
panned out to be because there’s a lot of surprises and what have you and want
to go over that. See what he did during his NFL career and post NFL career
because he did quite a bit after his post NFL career. Hope you guys enjoy
this, but before I get the video started, please “Like” and Subscribe if you’re new
to this channel. It really helps out a lot and let’s just get into it. Career
retrospect, 49ers legacy on Dwight Clark. Okay, a little background on Dwight Clark.
He was born on January 8th, 1957 in Kinston, North Carolina and later on, he
moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. Went to Garinger High School, which is about
25 minutes from where I live in Charlotte. Garinger High School, it’s not
that far away from me. He played quarterback there. Went to Clemson
University. Had a pretty good career there I would say, although people still
questioned him as whether he could play in the NFL and what have you. In his senior
season, the Clemson Tigers went 11-1. Won the Gator Bowl over Ohio State and
finished 6th in the AP Poll, which is pretty damn impressive in college
football and NFL teams didn’t really believe in him including the 49ers as
well because he got drafted in the 10th round, pick 249 in the 1979 Draft.
Pretty insane because in today’s NFL, we do not have a 12 round draft because
that’s how it was back in the day. We only have a 7 round draft pick and
then undrafted free agents. So, being drafted in the 10th round, that is pretty
much in the bottom of the bottom. Clark has stated that he was lucky to even get
drafted by an NFL team back in those days. Good for us eventually, but
initially, is… it just a regular guy. He might get cut eventually, but hey. It all
worked out. That’s a little background information about him.
North Carolina guy. Went to high school in North Carolina in Garinger High
School and went to Clemson University and got drafted by the San Francisco
49ers in 1979 as a 10th round pick. Alright, to his San Francisco 49ers career.
It was a pretty impressive one I would say. He made two Pro Bowls. Made an All Pro in 1982. Won two Super Bowls. Was part of one of the most famous catches, famous plays
in NFL history, the Catch. Yes, the Catch. I mentioned so many times in my past
videos, but Dwight Clark is the poster boy for that and he is the reason why
the 49ers got into a great start into a dynasty that it was in the 1980s and
even early 1990s as well. Dwight Clark and Joe Montana were the reasons why is
because of the Catch and being able to beat the Dallas Cowboys. The big, bad
Dallas Cowboys in a very tight NFC Championship Game in 1981 and defeat the
Cincinnati Bengals later on in that Super Bowl. Also, he won a Super Bowl when
they defeated the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl XIX. Pretty impressive there.
His whole career, not that bad at all. If I had to highlight two seasons is his
Pro Bowl seasons 1981 and 1982. As I said 1981 is when they won their Super Bowl. Had 1,105
receiving yards. Had 4 touchdowns. He had 913 yards in 1982 and had 5
touchdowns during that year. The most touchdowns career high for a season is
in 1985 when he had 10 touchdowns, which is not that bad considering the fact that
they had a lot of good talent back in those days, even though Jerry Rice wasn’t
there, but he was still an integral part of the offense and I want to talk about
the Catch a little bit more. It was kind of a messed up play to be honest with
you. It was not supposed to happen. It was supposed to be Joe Montana to Freddie
Solomon, but Freddie Solomon accidentally tripped or something like
that and then Dwight Clark went all the way to the end zone. Made it out. Had
to jump pretty high to get that catch and he was successful at that. So, a
little note there. It was not supposed to happen, but hey. Accidents happen and it
was one of the greatest accidents in 49er history. I will take that. His
career ended with 48 touchdowns, 6,750 yards. He averaged 13.3 yards per
reception, which is pretty damn impressive.
That’s more than a down per reception. I always say if you can get more than 10
per yards reception, then that’s pretty impressive because you’re moving the
ball and you’re doing stuff after the catch as well. I think
Bill Walsh’s West Coast Offense really emphasize that. Not just catching the
ball and dropping down and getting the yard. You want to catch the ball and keep
going, keep going, keep going. Little vertical passes as well. That
really helps. Not just throwing it deep all the time. Maybe throwing some quick
screens and just going after. Just running after. Being a running back. I
think Bill Walsh was a genius at that and Dwight Clark was pretty damn good
at that as well. I can’t really say anything else. Pretty impressive career. Two Super
Bowls as I said. Later on, he got his number retired, number 87.
So, it’s an iconic number there. I think everyone knows what 87 is when you go to
Levi’s Stadium now. It’s a pretty cool number I guess you can say. So yeah.
Career overall, fantastic. Started a dynasty. Him teaming up with Joe Montana.
Love it, love it, love it, love it. Okay, his post NFL career. So after he retired from
the San Francisco 49ers as a player, he decided to join the executive office
for the 49ers and later on in late 90s, he became the General Manager and
Director of Football Operations for the Cleveland Browns of all team. Yes, from
1999-2002. Kind of a… I don’t know what you want to call it. Was it good or bad? I
mean, the he did kind of goof up. Not going to lie when he drafted Spergon Wynn over Tom Brady. I think that’s a pretty big blot in his General Manager
career, but he was a General Manager after hand. He resigned in 2002 later
on. So, that was pretty much his executive career. I would say it’s a big flop, but
not everyone can be a successful General Manager. It’s really hard to be a
General Manager and I guess he found out that it was not easy being a GM and
Director of Football Operations. After that, he was diagnosed with ALS years
later in 2017 on March. That was a pretty sad day for everyone and he said he attested
playing football as a reason for having ALS after suffering three concussions in
his playing career. Oh man, football. Football has its ups and downs. It has a
big ups, but it can have its big downs later on and he’s blaming concussions as
a reason for having ALS. It kind of sucks. Football is a tough sport, but I guess
you can’t really do anything about that. I mean, back in his day, they didn’t know
what ALS was as much as we know today and players aren’t aware getting out of
college on the dangers of football because football is a very dangerous
sport. Back in Dwight’s day, you just played football and just
played football. Took a big punishment back in those days just because of the
fact that the NFL wasn’t as soft as it is today. You can hit hard. Defensive
backs can just lay you out. He was part of that era of football. Unfortunately, the
concussions were a contributing factor to getting ALS and unfortunately on June
4th, which was a couple of days ago, he passed away from the disease and it was
a sad moment for everyone in San Francisco. So hopefully, the 49ers
organization, they can do a pretty cool thing. Have a big contribution, tribute
season to him in 2018 for this upcoming season. He deserves it big time. He was a
big part of the San Francisco 49ers organization. Made one of the most famous
plays in NFL history. I think he deserves to be up there as a legend in San
Francisco 49er lore. Can’t really say anything else. I appreciate Dwight
Clark. Everything he did in San Francisco. Thank you for everything you did in the
early 1980s. Hopefully, your family is coping with your loss in the best way
possible. That’s all I can say and hopefully, you rest in peace. So yeah.
That’s pretty much it you guys. Just wanted to cover Dwight Clark a little
bit. It was kind of sad as I said that he passed away, but I guess everyone passes
away eventually. So, I’m going to keep it like that you guys. Please let me know
what you guys think about Dwight Clark. Tell me any career highlights that you
have if you were alive to watch Dwight Clark. Anything interesting? I wasn’t
alive obviously. So, I don’t have as much knowledge of Dwight Clark playing,
although I watched a little bit of highlights and know the Catch, but that’s
pretty much it. I wish I knew more about him just because of the fact that I
wasn’t alive to watch him play with Joe Montana and what have you. I’m going to
keep it like that. Please “Like,” Subscribe, do whatever you want with this and I will be
catching you guys up another time when I do another top 3 video tomorrow. I’ll
see y’all then. Bye guys. Love y’all. Y’all have a good day!

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  1. Let me know what you think about Clark and what memories do you have during his time as a 49er?
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  2. Super Bowl for DC. Gotta be the way. Good video man. Love your work. I watched the faithful video about John Mcvey.well worth a watch. He helped draft so many hofs.might be worth a video

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