49ers Jimmy Garoppolo talks third preseason game against the Chiefs

49ers Jimmy Garoppolo talks third preseason game against the Chiefs

Obviously do a lot to tune out
the noise and everything like that. But Pile also said you’re human and just that when people react to what
you do on the field, things like that. So what did tonight mean for you just
personally and was it a sigh of relief?>>Yeah, it is what it is. All the hearsay and
whatever noise is gonna go on, you just have to ignore it and
just go play football. I thought was a good step coming back here
to KC where it all started and everything. So just get that out of the way,
it’s another step in the right direction.>>Was there a moment where you
stepped on the field initially and kinda took it all in?>>Yeah, pregame I did one check
of the spot and everything. But once they did that it was over with. Time to move on.>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>Too much drama to it->>Say it again, sorry.>>Too much drama to that moment. But when you go to that spot,
what do you do?>>I don’t know, just think about it. A lot has happened in the year since then. So I don’t know, I don’t know. I thought it’d be good
to go back there and just to remember everything
I’ve gone through.>>It might be kind of to come back here a
little bit just because of what happened.>>Yeah, a little bit. Leading up to it and everything and
enough people talked about it. So definitely thought about it. But yeah, it’s good to get it out of the
way, I think is the best way to put it. It is another step in the right direction,
like I said.>>How much of a rhythm
were you able to get into? And how much did it help just being
able to run a more diverse portion of the offensive play action and
the running game and things like that?>>Yeah, I thought it was good. You had a lot different than the last few. Like I said,
once you get the first first down, you’re starting to get into a rhythm,
the run game was looking real good. I barely got touched,
the one sack and everything. But the line blocked tremendously
up front and I barely got touched. So that makes everything a lot easier.>>There was a, I think it was a third and six in the first drive
where you hit Marquise. And it seemed like after that you started
throwing a little bit more accurately and getting into that rhythm. Did that play really start to
make things click for you?>>I wouldn’t say was so much that play. I think just being on the field for
more than three plays last week, I think it got us into a good rhythm. All of us across the board,
I think we need to get into that rhythm. And it was good for us.>>So that must have little relief to
kinda get that many plays in a row.>>Yeah, it was good. We had a couple long drives. So kinda get us ready for
the season and everything. That’s real football,
when you get into the 9,10,11 play drives. And it’s only gonna help us going forward. So I think all that stuff added together,
it made for a good night.>>Looked like you really felt the kind
of touch that you needed to put on a throw to Breida. Can you talk about the angle that you
had there to get it over the safety?>>Yeah, actually I’d wish I could
have put it a little closer so we might have to dive for it,
make it a little easier on him. But he made a tremendous catch on it. When you have running backs
who can catch all your, most the times receiver
is making that catch. But when a running back can do it, it’s so
hard for defenses to plan for that. So it’s credit to him and
it was a tremendous catch.>>How much different is he as a since
he’s been doing that more often?>>He has come a long way,
yeah, definitely. All the backs though, Tevin,
Jeff, Reen, all those guys. Having that element to your game
as a running back makes you so much harder to cover and harder for
d coordinator to plan for them. So it’s only gonna help us going forward.>>Kyle said the plan for right now is to keep all three
quarterbacks on the on the active roster. I don’t know,
from the camaraderie in that room I mean, what does it mean to have
both of those guys with you?>>Yeah, it’s awesome, we got good group. All four of us. I don’t know, it’s a tight knit group. We all get along with each other, help each other out on the sidelines and
everything. Those guys are talking to me
just as much as the coaches are. So yeah, it’s a great group to be around.>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>Like performance today that help you get through not being able
to play next Thursday? Cuz now you have a lot of time before
you’re going to be on the field again.>>Yeah, it’s just a like I said before, it’s another good step
in the right direction. Just getting this out of the way,
last week getting out of the way and just kind of checking the boxes off. And now we are just getting ready for
the season. So, yeah, it’s a good night.>>When are you going to start
looking at Todd Bowles’ defenses?>>Tonight.>>Tonight?
>>Yeah.>>On the flight home?

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  1. Good job Jimmy played a good 3rd preseason game. Never never never never never doubt yourself. Let's go bring back da niners to domination again.

  2. “Jimmy doesn’t like losing. Jimmy likes throwing touchdowns. Jimmy’s gonna be Jimmy. Jimmy’s gonna be awesome. Oh, and yeah, Jimmy likes Elaine. A LOT.”

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