49ers Career Retrospect: Eddie DeBartolo Jr.

49ers Career Retrospect: Eddie DeBartolo Jr.

What’s up guys? It is Bryan here. Today,
going to be doing my first career retrospect on a certain 49er personnel.
In this video, I’m going to be doing it on Eddie DeBartolo Jr. the owner of the
49ers from 1977-2000. What can I say about Eddie DeBartolo that a lot of
people don’t already know? Winning 5 Super Bowls as an owner. The most in NFL
history for a single owner. Managed one of the greatest teams, greatest dynasties
in NFL history. I just don’t have anything else to say about him, but I’m
going to be doing a career retrospect on him right now, but before I get the video
started, hopefully you guys enjoyed this. If you do, please “Like” and SUBSCRIBE if
you’re new to this channel. That helps out a lot. So let’s just get this video
started. Now, a little bit about Eddie DeBartolo Jr. He was born in Youngstown,
Ohio on November 6, 1946. He came from the University of Notre Dame and his father
Eddie DeBartolo Sr. owned a lot of teams back in the day pro teams and
particularly the San Francisco 49ers and in 1977, he decided to give operational
control to Eddie DeBartolo Jr. You would think with him as the owner, his legacy
that it started off in a really good way, but it did not. He hired Ken Myers after
firing popular coach Monte Clark, which a lot of people back in the day were
pretty upset that Monte Clark got fired for this guy and Joe Thomas ends up
becoming the general manager of the 49ers and it was a pretty disastrous run
I would say. So first season, going 5-9 during the NFC West. Nothing too crazy right there. I guess it’s a new regime.
You can’t really blame them, but in 1978? They hit an all-time low, going 2-14.
they had a new coach in Pete McCulley. This is kind of like Jed York from back
in the day in 2014, 2015. Hiring all these coaches until finding the right coach.
Also 1978, Joe Thomas decided to make one of the goofiest trades in NFL history.
Trading for O.J. Simpson from the Buffalo Bills and you’re wondering, O.J. Simpson? One of the greatest running backs in NFL history? 14 game, 2000 yard
season what can go wrong right? But, this is the O.J. Simpson that was pretty much
washed up and pretty much done playing football. He didn’t really do anything
special and Joe Thomas ended up getting canned as well in 1978 and in 1979, they
decided to hire Bill Walsh as the head coach of the 49er. Now you’re going, oh Bill Walsh, offensive innovator, West Coast offense
right? But, no! First season, he ended up going 2-14 as a head coach. First
season as a 49er head coach 2-14? Wow! Not good. Not really impressive. It was
pretty disastrous. They didn’t really have anyone else and in 1980, they ended
up going 6-10, but there’s a key moment in the 1980 season. This is the
part where Joe Montana did his little rally. Did his Joe Cool thing and ended
up coming back in week 14 against the New Orleans Saints, 28 points down to win 38-35! Ridiculous! One of the biggest comebacks in NFL history and although
they didn’t make the playoffs that year, this was a sign for things to come and
it was a sign for things to come because the 1981, the following year. They ended
up going 13-3. Winning the division title for the first time in a
long time. Ended up winning the Super Bowl against the Cincinnati Bengals, but
beforehand. They played the Dallas Cowboys. They had to beat the big boy Tom
Landry, Dallas Cowboys and ended up beating them in the most dramatic
fashion in NFL history with the Catch from Joe Montana to Dwight Clark to get
a berth to the Super Bowl. To beat the Cincinnati Bengals and that’s when the
dynasty was born for the 49ers. So, from the 1980s, they’ve won 4 Super Bowls.
In the 1990s they won 1 with Steve Young. Just fantastic ownership under
Eddie DeBartolo Jr. A lot of players have credited him for how the 49ers were a dynasty. You can ask great players. Hall of Famers Joe Montana, Young, Rice. They all call him as the most caring owner NFL history and there’s no other family
approach. There’s no business way that any other NFL owners have done back in
the day. Eddie DeBartolo cared about his players. He cared about everyone that was part of the 49ers. You could be the star quarterback like Joe Montana. The
head coach like Bill Walsh and you could be the little guy that’s being a janitor.
He cared about every single one of those because everyone is in it together to
win the Super Bowl and boy did they win Super Bowls. Very impressive and that’s
probably what separates him from every other ownership back in the day and even
now because I don’t really see a lot of owners in today’s NFL doing the way that Eddie DeBartolo did in handling business and handling
football operations. 1st class hotels, 1st class flights everything and also,
another thing about caring about his players. A guy named Jeff Fuller, safety
for the 49ers. He ended up paralyzing himself on a
tackle and it was pretty bad and Eddie DeBartolo decided to take care of him for
the rest of his life, which was the epitome of his ownership as the 49ers. He really cared about his players and that just showed right there, the top prime
examples. I can’t really say anything else about Eddie DeBartolo and his tenure as a 49ers. He ended up going 226 wins to 131 losses to one tie, but unfortunately.
His tenure ended in 1999 when he was caught in a scandal with Edwin Edwards,
the former Louisiana Governor in 1998. DeBartolo ended up pleading guilty to
a charge of failing to report a felony and received a $1,000,000 fine and
two years probation. So, that pretty much ended his tenure. Paul Tagliabue, the Commissioner of the NFL at that time, decided to suspend Eddie DeBartolo for a
year from the 49ers ownership and in 2000, he ended up giving control to
his sister, Denise York and her husband, John York and in turn, they decided to
give the football operational side to Jed York, which he is currently our CEO
for the 49ers and we’ll see if Jed York can live up to Eddie DeBartolo. So far, he
hasn’t. He’s been goofing up a lot of things, but I don’t want to talk about
Jed York right now. Legacy? 5 time Super Bowl champion, Bay Area Sports
Hall of Fame in 2008, 49ers Wall of Fame in 2009 and last but not least,
Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee in 2016. It took a long time for him to get
inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Maybe because of ownership stuff.
Maybe because of the scandal with Edwin Edwards, but it finally took him that
long to get into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and rightfully so. Deservingly so. Congratulations on a Pro Football Hall of Fame induction from a couple of years ago. Eddie DeBartolo, really good. So yeah. That’s pretty much
my closure for Eddie DeBartolo, career retrospective of his career as the owner
for the 49ers. If I had to call him greatest owner? He is the greatest owner in NFL history by a large margin. I cannot see any owner being the way that
he handled business. The way that he was winning. The way that he treated players as family. I’ve never seen any ownership like this in the past
and in the present as well. So, I’ve got to give him a lot of credit for that and
also, they were part of the 18 game road winning streak and that probably had
something to do with Eddie DeBartolo doing with the first-class thing,
although he did have really good players, don’t get me wrong. The 49ers were a
fantastic team in the 80s, but hey. The way they traveled. The way that Mr. D handled it? It made it a lot easier to win 18 games in a row. No team, no regime has ever even came close to winning 18 games in a row on the road, let’s just
say on the road. So, very impressive Eddie DeBartolo. One of the great careers in
NFL history. I can’t say anything else. Thank you guys for watching this. Hopefully, you guys enjoyed my career retrospect, my first episode or first
series on this and I hope to do another player next week and I’ll see you all
then. Bye guys. Love y’all. Y’all have a good day!

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  1. Is Eddie DeBartolo the greatest owner in NFL History?
    Also, let me know how I did in my first 49er retrospect.

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