442oons APP OUT NOW!!! (Day 23 Football Advent Calendar)

442oons APP OUT NOW!!! (Day 23 Football Advent Calendar)

the four full tuned soundboard app is out now in the app store the link is in the description play your favorite sounds from your favorite characters there are two free packs with three premium packs and five more packs on the win if you liked it leave a review in the App Store and I’ll be happier than an Arsenal fan is right now also it is version one so if you’ve got any constructive feedback that’s great leave it in the comments below there are more features on the way in future versions record your own clip I hear you say why not and the app will also be coming soon to Google Play so get downloading now even while the club thinks it’s the absolutely thanks for watching

100 thoughts on “442oons APP OUT NOW!!! (Day 23 Football Advent Calendar)

  1. how do I download it ?when I click the iTunes link it comes up with Google sound with songs on.

  2. u should put an editor on it so we can make are own characters and voices it would be hard but it would be would be amazing

  3. 44200ns soundboard app has swearing in it and it's not good for children whose parents don't like swearing 🤔🤔🤔

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