3D 펜으로 축구공 만들기(Create soccer ball with 3D pen)CHASE 체이스

3D 펜으로 축구공 만들기(Create soccer ball with 3D pen)CHASE 체이스

Hello Chase. Today I’m going to make a soccer ball with a 1: 1 size. The soccer ball basically needs 20 white hexagons and 12 black pentagons, as I showed earlier. This soccer ball is pretty simple because it only makes the same shape. If you use a 3D pen on ordinary A4 paper, Using thick penci paper will not tear the paper, Printed ink sticks to the ink, causing the ink to disappear. It’s the same task anyway, so it goes fast. You can easily think at first, but if you do the same thing for hours, It can be hard, so if you have a challenge, please be prepared. Just make up 32 shapes and combine them. Its! Chase’s knowledge time ~ ma! When soccer first came into play, the ball used was a piece of cloth or straw. In some countries where football-like sports existed, pig urine was also used. As the football officially takes shape and human technology develops, Round soccer ball was devised For a long time, leather was used as the material for the shell of the ball, but today, even in water games, Synthetic materials are used to maintain the ball’s weight. Currently, 70% to 80% of the world’s hand-stitched soccer balls are manufactured in India. The production of such a soccer ball is made with the home craft industry, In the process, school-aged children were involved in the production of soccer balls, This has been an international issue since the mid-1990s. FIFA has been hand-sewn with child labor since the 1998 FIFA World Cup with UNICEF agreement. You decided not to use a soccer ball. Since the old soccer ball was made of cowhide, it became heavy when it absorbed moisture due to rain, Since the 1986 FIFA World Cup, soccer balls made of synthetic leather have been used. Since then, it is said to be less affected by the weather. It seems to be the first outdoor broadcast that I haven’t even played for 4 years. In the future, we will also broadcast outdoor. Of course you can’t take a look because you made a soccer ball? 6 hours of soccer ball shattered. I’ll come back with a fun piece next time. Please subscribe and like it. Thank you.

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  1. 영상에다가 축구공에 대해서 설명도 해주셔서 재미있게 볼수있었습니다 ㅎㅎ
    마지막에 발로차는거 기대했는데 역시 있네요! 다음영상도 기대하겠습니다

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