360 Video – Ole Miss Football vs Georgia (9-24-16)

360 Video – Ole Miss Football vs Georgia (9-24-16)

(crowd cheering) (urgent piano music) (fans yelling) – [Coach] Rise up! This matter’s in? – [Team] Our hands. – [Coach] Whose hands? – [Team] Our hands. – [Coach] Don’t forget that. If nothing else you remember
about what I said today, it’s in your hands. It’s in your hands. So don’t, look, it ain’t no
blame game on nobody else, it’s on your hands. We will support you, but you
gotta take courage and do it. Keys to Victory, number one, – [Team] Make no mistake about it, the team that plays the
hardest for 60 minutes and makes the fewest mistakes will win. – [Coach] It’s very
difficult to be emotional every single Saturday, I could give a crap about that today, what I do
care about is you caring enough to dig deep inside
yourself and fight as hard as you can fight for 60 minutes. – [Coach] Tempo, tempo, tempo,
tempo, hide the football. Tempo, tempo, tempo, hide the football. For our defense? – [Team] Pursue, gain, tackle, knock the crap out of them eyes. – [Coach] You’re really
close, you’re really close D. If I know you like a fake out, I know you you’re ready
to chase a bulldog today. And I don’t care if he goes into a pit or wherever he goes, we’re
gonna chase him for 60 minutes, and then we’re gonna
celebrate like crazy in here after it’s over. You got that? So which time,
the matter is in whose hands? – [Team] Our hands. – [Coach] Then rise up, let’s go. (music crescendos) (crowd cheering) (cannons firing) (Ole Miss Band playing
“Ole Miss Fight Song”) (crowd cheers) (crowd cheers wildly) (cannons fire) – [Coach] You flipped the script today, you flipped the script, man. You flipped the script. All I heard all week, I dunno if Ole Miss can get back up, oh hell yeah – well we got back up. We got back up. It’s gonna take a lot more
than that to make us fold. We lost to a couple of good teams, we ain’t folding for that. But here’s the deal, don’t you get out of that dirt
at home until the job’s done. The job gets done. (team cheering) (crowd cheering) (cannons firing) (players yelling) – He jumped over? – Yeah! It was a free, he
jumped over the tackle. He jumped over the tackle. (swell of applause from crowd) (cannons firing) (fans screaming) – [Coach] I told you this morning, this difference in the past and history, the past is what really happened, the history is what they? – [Team] Remember. – [Coach] You took a big
step today in making history, when we went into the
pit with the lion today, we didn’t come out until the job was done, so congratulations to you men, enjoy, enjoy doing this together, love one another but always tonight, protect this? – [Team] Team. – [Coach] We got a little
payback game next week, we got a little payback game next week.

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