3 Reasons I Love the Jim Harbaugh Era (49ers)

3 Reasons I Love the Jim Harbaugh Era (49ers)

Ayo! It’s Bryan here. Today, going to be
talking about the San Francisco 49ers as always. Doing a Throwback Thursday Top
3 video. This time, talking about Jim Harbaugh and the three reasons I loved
him as a head coach. So, I guess you want to call him that Harbaugh era, which I
will. Three reasons why I love the Harbaugh era. It was not too long ago
that he was the head coach of the 49ers and we were winning a lot of games. Now,
he’s not there anymore for the past couple of years. He got fired in 2014
pretty much by Jed York and we’ve been struggling to win ever since, but
hopefully, Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch, they can find their way into winning
this year and hopefully in the future. Going to be talking about that. Going to be
talking about our man, our coach Jim Harbaugh. Before I get the video started,
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Niners Faithfuls and yeah. Let’s just get this started. The Top 3 reasons why I
love Jim Harbaugh and his era. Number three, the offense particularly the
running game. It was awesome under Jim Harbaugh when he was the head coach of
the Niners. Frank Gore, he really flourished under his system, particularly
him, Greg Roman and Tim Drevno as the head coach, offensive coordinator and
offensive line coach respectively. It was one of the best running seasons I’ve
ever seen by the San Francisco 49ers in a while at that time. It was great. Gore
was already an established running back, but he became even better when they all
came to the 49ers in their first year in 2011. The rushing yards, I think they were
like Top 5 in rushing every year. They were a factor every time. They made Alex
Smith/Colin Kaepernick’s job a lot easier. You have to give credit for
Harbaugh and what he’s been able to do with the running game. Frank Gore, you got
Kendall Hunter. I remember him. It was just a great running back core and I
missed that to this day. Also, the offensive line was just a beast like
Mike Iupati, Joe Staley, Alex Boone, who else on the line? I think Jon Goodwin,
like wow! It was just a freaking awesome offensive line, which in turn, made the
running backs even better. Running backs Frank Gore, work horse during the
Harbaugh era and I do miss that to this day because the running game is awesome,
although today, we do have a great running back system under Bobby Turner.
Got to give credit for that. Number two, the defense in general. Yes, the defense was
freaking awesome under Jim Harbaugh. Got to give a lot of credit to Vic Fangio, the defensive coordinator at that time. Ran the 3-4
defense. Now, he is the head coach of the Denver Broncos. He finally got his first
head coaching opportunity, but yeah. He was a really big reason why the defense
was awesome. Both of them, probably particularly Fangio. Fangio gets a lot of
credit for that defense, but I’m pretty sure Harbaugh had some input too because
I mean if you’re a head coach, you should know both sides of the ball. That’s good
right there. The players man, they had a lot of talented players. You got Patrick
Willis, NaVorro Bowman in the linebacker position. You got Carlos Rogers, Donte Whitner and then Antoine Bethea. Aldon Smith, Justin Smith. Like that defense was
just freaking awesome. It was just one of the best defenses I’ve seen from the
49ers in a long time. Probably one of the best ever. I don’t know if it rivals the
1980s 49ers defense with Ronnie Lott and them, but for my generation, it was just
one of the best. They were able to take the ball away. They were able to get
sacks, get pressure. I mean Aldon had that awesome 2012-2013
season when he had 19.5 sacks. Him and Justin Smith, the Smith Brothers.
That was an awesome combination right there. Hopefully, the defense today under
Robert Saleh with all the players that they have now with Nick Bosa,
DeForest Buckner, they can kind of replicate that in 2019. We’ll see what
happens. The defense man! Harbaugh era? One of the best defenses I’ve seen in a
long time and I can’t really say anything else.
Top five defense. Made the offense job a lot easier. Being able to take the ball
away and we had some awesome plays under the defense. Finally, coming in at number one
as the biggest reason why I love the Jim Harbaugh era from a couple of years
ago is all the wins. I do miss that to this day. We haven’t been winning ever
since he left. We weren’t winning before he came. When he came to the 49ers man! We
were winning a lot of games. We were winning more than 10 games. We made it to
three straight NFC Championship games, which is ridiculous, especially for a
first year head coach to do that. I know he had some talent coming into the 49ers,
but still. For the previous coaches that weren’t able to capitalize on the talent,
Harbaugh did. He had a lot of success in San Francisco. Three straight title games,
one Super Bowl appearance and a respectable 8-8 season, even
when he knew he was pretty much going to get fired, but he still coached the best he
could and still went a respectable .500. The winning, I do miss that to this day.
As I said, hopefully Kyle Shanahan, John Lynch can replicate what Harbaugh did a
couple of years ago and get some more wins come 2019. I don’t know if that’s
going to happen. Hopefully, it does happen, but you know, all we can do is wait
and see for 2019, but yeah. Harbaugh, all those playoff appearances. All those
Championship appearances. All those wins in a very short amount of time, that’s
like the most impressive thing about his era and I think he won about 68, 69
percent of his games, which is I ridiculous right there. I can’t really
say anything else. Harbaugh, one of the winningest coaches
in 49er history and can’t deny that. That’s pretty much it you guys. Very
short video for Throwback Thursday. I do miss Jim Harbaugh. He’s in my mind
for a while now. I’m pretty sure you guys miss the winning from the 49ers. So, I
wanted to talk about this. Talk about our man, Harbaugh. There you have right there.
Please let me know reasons why you love the Harbaugh era. Please, I’d like to hear
what you guys have to say and if you guys like this, please “Like” and Subscribe
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up tomorrow. I’ll see y’all then. Bye guys. Love y’all. Y’all have a good rest of your
day. Go Niners all day!

12 thoughts on “3 Reasons I Love the Jim Harbaugh Era (49ers)

  1. Power run game and defense. Plus Harbaugh got the best out of the QB. Kap was great under Harbaugh only. Great era n should of won the SB.

  2. that era brought excitement to the NFL, period. even non-fans were rooting for that niners team. TRENT BALKE WAS THE PROBLEM, NOT HARBAUGH. the downfalll and implosion that happened after was painful to watch. it left a lot of people thinking, what could've been. had that crew remained intact, Kaep focused on football instead of his protests, harbaugh still coaching and not fighting with the GM all the time.

  3. The 3 reasons I love the Jim Harbaugh era are 1.the offense was clicking with Frank gore nd our wideouts were getting open, 2. Our defensive front 7 was wrecking havoc with Patrick Willis, Navarrow Bowman, Justin Smith, nd Aldon Smith nd Antone bethea 3. We went to 3 straight NFC Championship games includeing a Superbowl nd winning more than 10 games in 2011 13-3 2012 11-4-1 2013 12-4 now im looking forward to this year in 2019 how our niners record gonna like I hope it's a good one like 13-3 or 14-2 whoohoo let's go ninerss!!!


  5. I agree – the winning was great. The one thing I didf't like about Harbaugh was that he was committed to Kaepernick. That was his one mistake.

  6. I loved the great vibe we had. Overall watching the old school power run with a staunch defense and having a lot of success in this era with it

  7. I love coach Jim Harbaugh I wish we could have kept him who got it better than us nobody. ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†

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