3 Marker Shoe And Soccer Ball Challenge / JustJordan33

3 Marker Shoe And Soccer Ball Challenge / JustJordan33

(upbeat music and whistling) – Hi guys, it’s Jordan and today with my brother, – Jake, from Jake and Ty. – And today we’re gonna be doing the three marker
shoe-slash-soccer ball challenge. So I have some white shoes here that I am going to color
in with three markers and Jake is going to take three markers and color in his soccer ball, but it’s gonna be completely random. We’re gonna close our eyes, pick out three colors and then we’re gonna
have to use those colors to decorate our items. Close your eyes Jake.
– (laughs) – Alright, Jake’s goin’. Okay, he got his colors. (gasp) What’d ya get? – Orange, purple and black. – Ooooh, okay. Alright, it’s my turn. Closing my eyes. Alright, I’m gonna go with this one. Ummm, I don’t know. I wanna stay close, this one. This one, okay. (gasps) Okay, so I got
blue, purple and pink. Oooh. Alright, so I have to decorate
my shoes with these colors. Jake’s got his colors. Are you ready? – Yep. – I’m so ready. Okay, so the first step that I’m gonna do is
take off the shoelaces ’cause I don’t wanna dye
the shoelaces as well, I mean you could, but
I’m just not going to. Jake’s going right in. This soccer ball’s cool too because it’s got, like … show. It’s got, like, different
patterns that you could trace. Like, it has a dinosaur
that you could fill in. It’s cool.
– I’m gonna try to make it look like a red-gray soccer ball. – No, you should use all colors. – Okay.
– All colors, all colors. I’m tryna think of, like … I mean maybe I can make, like,
a galaxy with these colors. That’s what I’m thinkin’… I dunno. You know, galaxy I
could do, like, tie-dye. Hmmm, tricky. I think I wanna go for galaxy. Yeah. – I think I need a bigger black marker. – Yeah? – Is there one that I can use. – You can switch out this black marker. – Okay.
– It’s the same color, but just different marker – Okay. – I’m gonna go in with the purple first. I’m gonna decorate this shoe. This is gonna be so hard. Alright, I’ve never done anything like this before, it’s gonna be crazy. So I am also … after this I’m gonna, like, blend all the
Sharpie colors together. There’s a trick online somehow, I don’t know how you do it, I forgot what it was. I think you just take rubbing alcohol and, like, go at it and blend in the colors but I don’t know for sure so I’m gonna try that, hopefully that’s what happens. Oh no, guys this marker is running out of ink, like for real. – Don-don-don.
– I may have to switch. I may have to switch you guys. I’ll use this marker ’til it runs out and then I’ll pick a new color. Okay, so this marker is about to run out. I’m gonna use it on both
the shoes real fast. – Now, coloring in this ball that’s right in this black bit because I’m makin’ it look
like a real soccer ball plus I’m coloring in the characters. – Oh, so you’re gonna,
like … real soccer ball plus color in the– – Animals, yeah. – The animals, and like,
the designs that are on it. – Yeah.
It’s a really cool soccer ball. It’s like a coloring page as well. It’s really cool. Okay, I think this marker just ran out so I’m either just gonna switch it for, like, I dunno. Should I just switch it for this marker? This marker looks similar. Should I switch it for this or should I go for a totally new color? – No, you have to have
one that looks close-like. – Okay, so I’ll go with– – I take this one.
– This one. They’re both–
– Feel like this one looks more … ’cause, like,
if you look at the actual color that shows up, this one
looks a lot like it. So I’m gonna go with this one. Okay. Yeah, this one’s a lot like that color. So that’s good, okay. – That a hundred percent?
– Found a good replacement. – So how does a real soccer ball go? There’s, like, one black and then all around it’s white. – It’s like every other … – Like, black– – [Voiceover] White, black, white. black, white, black white. – Oh, I think all the
black ones are supposed to be on the little ones. Messed up! – What? – The black ones are supposed
to be on all the little ones. – Oh. Well, that’s okay. Alright, so I’m making the main bit purple ’cause I want this to kinda look galaxy. This is what it’s lookin’ like so far. And then I’m adding in, like, splotches of the other color.
– Whoa. – I just realized this
is my channel colors. Oh my gosh, you guys. These are my shoes. This is kinda cool, I’m kind of tryna to, like,
blend the colors together, and it’s not gonna stay this way, I’m gonna, like, blend
them altogether later as well with whatever technique, I forgot what it’s called and it’ll be, like, really–
– (mumbles) – Gonna look really cool. But this is what it’s lookin’ like so far. Don-da-shan. I really like it, I
think that’s pretty cool. Jake’s using two forms
of black permanent marker because he wants, like, one to hurry and color in fast and then he wants one that he could, like, make fine details so he’s using both but it’s the same color so it doesn’t matter. – Oh no, I affected the orange. He stayed up all night and now he has some crusty eyes. – He has crusty eyes. Oh yeah, ’cause they’re orange. – Yeah.
– I almost said yellow. – We aren’t orange. – Don’t stay up all night, kids. Otherwise– – Crusty eyes.
That’s what happen to your eyes, you will get crusty eyes. I feel, like, we should
have a random singing time. Let’s make a song, ready? – Okay, one word though. – Hi.
– What do you mean? – You know, like … then
at the end whoever messes up then has to sing the entire song. – What? – Like, kind of, like, that word game but then you sing the song if you mess up. – Oh, okay. Let’s try that. – ♪ Hello? ♪ – ♪ It’s me. ♪ – ♪ Come here. ♪ – ♪ And see (laughs). ♪ – ♪ The light. ♪ – ♪ Inside (laughs). ♪ – ♪ My heart. ♪ – (laughs) We were supposed
to repeat the entire song? – Uh, oh yeah.
– ♪ Hello, and– ♪ ♪ Hello, it’s me– ♪ – (chuckles) We both messed up. – ♪ Come in and see the
light in my heart (laughs). ♪ – I forgot already. – (laughs loudly)
– (laughs) – Okay, but I have to
sing the whole thing. – Give me some pointers? – (laughs) ♪ Hello, it’s me. – ♪ Hello, it’s me. ♪ – ♪ Come in and see. ♪ – ♪ Come in and see. ♪ – ♪ The light– ♪
– ♪ The light of my heart. ♪ – ♪ Of my heart (laughs). ♪ – ♪ Of my heart (screeches). ♪ – Oh, my. – Tell me, was that beautiful music? – It was beautiful, I think. Yes. – Eyebrow movement. (comical music) – Eyebrow dance time! (fast loud comical music) Jake, what’s your
favorite type of dessert? I always chat about food on this channel. I’m, like, literally … I just … I love food. – Chocolate cake (laughs). That sounded like a robot, chocolate cake. Chocolate cake is pretty good but cheesecake is better. Cheesecake with, like,
the raspberry stuff. Like, not cherry stuff. Like, the raspberry, like swirled
already on the cheesecake. – What’s it … oh no.
– I’m almost done with half of this shoe, and I know it looks crazy right now, there’s a lotta spots but it’s okay we’ll blend it together. It’ll work.
– It’ll work. – I feel like I need to
go back in with a purple and maybe make it darker ’cause I want, like, darker bits in the galaxy, you know? – I think– – I’ll go back in at the end and fix that. Okay, guys we’ll check back once we have, like, half of our stuff done. Like, once I get this entire shoe done and we’ll check back. Alright, guys I’ve finished
my entire first shoe. The only thing is I have not finished this bit right here because my purple runner
… (laughs) purple runner. My purple marker is
actually kind of running out of ink a little bit so I decided that I should move on to
this shoe while I still can with this purple marker ’cause I’m makin’ the main base purple and I’m going back in and making the purple darker to make it look more galaxy-like and doing, like, darker bits and, yeah, everything. So we’re halfway done, I’ve gotta work on my other shoe and then I’m going to take
in the rubbing alcohol and, like, rub it altogether and make it, like, work like a galaxy. I’m so excited. Ty … (laughs) Ty … Arghhh, my brain is not workin’. Jake, what’s your soccer
ball lookin’ like? – It looks like this, and now we have a paper underneath my ball because it was staining the table. – Yeah, the Sharpie was kind of running off the ball a little bit and it was getting onto the table and actually kinda
stained the table a bit. – And my hands. – So, yeah, we had to put paper underneath but it looks really cool, like, look at the dinosaur. It’s lookin’ awesome. I really like it.
– Yeah, they’re gonna have to be purple. – Yeah, that’s okay though. Okay, so we’re gonna finish up our objects and then we’re gonna check back in with you once it’s all done. Alright, guys so we are back now and we’ve completed our creations so let’s show Jake’s first. – Oooh. – Ta-da! There’s his soccer ball and it looks amazing. I think he did great for three colors that he had– – That is all. – It’s awesome. So here’s one completed shoe of mine and it does look, like,
really galaxy on this side but then when you go to this side, you can kind of tell, like, a little bit that it was Sharpie and then when you go to this side you definitely
can tell that it was Sharpie ’cause I got lazy and I, like, didn’t
really color it that well. So just know if you ever decide to do this on shoes that you still wanna really blend in the colors well with the Sharpie. So, yeah, make sure you
go heavy on the marker ’cause I did not and you can kinda tell. So I went heavier on
the marker on this one and now it’s time to soak this one so we’re just gonna go ahead and go for it. So basically you’re just supposed to take in some hydrogen peroxide and drop it on it. So, yeah, basically, you’re just supposed to soak it and, like, it
blends it a little bit and you’re supposed to, like, you can rub it with cotton swabs but I found that that didn’t
really do much for me. So you can try that. I dunno, I just … really make sure that you do a really good job. – It just–
– Be really detailed with the Sharpie because I got kind of lazy towards the end of the shoe and I just, like, rushed it and I should’ve taken longer. – It just absorbs it. – So I’ll probably go in
after once it’s all dry and, like, touch up this a little bit and then the shoe will be all done. But this is what it looks
like so far, I think. I think they are both great. Think that’s pretty much it. Yeah, oh my. – Finishing touches.
– Yeah. So, there is my J-wide galaxy three marker challenge shoes. And I still have the white shoelaces so I’ll probably–
– Oooh. – String them up later, but if you wanna see how
it looks on the final I’ll probably post a picture of me wearing them on Instagram so follow me on Instagram @justjordan33_ and maybe I’ll try and post a picture with these shoes once I touch up that little bit right there.
– Cool. Thank you guys, so much
for watching this video. If you enjoyed it give it a big thumbs up! – Pewwsssh.
– I had a ton of fun. It was so much fun decorating these shoes. – Yeah, it was fun. – Yeah, make sure that you like, subscribe and share and I’ll see y’all next time. Bye!
– Bye! (upbeat music)

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