3 Greatest 49ers Head Coaches of All Time (TBT)

3 Greatest 49ers Head Coaches of All Time (TBT)

Ayo! It’s Bryan here. Today, going to be talking about the San Francisco
49ers yet again. Doing a throwback Top 3 video. This time, talking about the 3 head coaches
of all time in my opinion. Should be a fun one. We’ve had many fantastic coaches in this franchise. Couple of them have led us to the Super Bowl. Couple of them have led us to a lot of playoff
berths. I think that’s a really good thing right there. Going to to be talking about that. Hopefully, you guys enjoy this Top 3 throwback
video. It takes me awhile to do these research. so hopefully, you guys support this and yeah. Let’s just get into it. Before I do, please “Like” and Subscribe to
support my channel. That would definitely help me a lot. Click that Bell notification to get notified
of future video. SHARE this video. All that cool stuff and yeah. Let’s just get into it. Throwback Thursday. Top 3 coaches of all time. Some factors that I’m going to be considering
are win loss percentage and the impact on their team prior to when they came to the
Niners. First off, number three, George Seifert. You’re wondering why am I only putting him
at number 3? He had a 77 winning percentage? He’s won 2 Super Bowls. He’s won 10 games each of his tenure in San
Francisco. Well, I think it’s because the Bill Walsh
to be honest with you. If Bill Walsh was coaching this team. If he never retired that early and still kept
the 1989 team all the way to ’94? I think they would’ve won a couple more Super
Bowls. Walsh is one of those coaches. Those innovators that is pretty much indispensable
and I guess he was dispensable in this case because Seifert won two Super Bowls after
him, but still. That was Bill Walsh’s team. Seifert doesn’t get enough credit for what
they did in the first Super Bowl when they went 14-2 and destroyed the Denver Broncos
in that Super Bowl 55-10. He does get a lot of credit for the 1994 team. I’ll give him that with Steve Young, Jerry
Rice, Ricky Watters, Deion Sanders and them. I’ll give him credit for that, but the first
Super Bowl? That’s more Bill Walsh in my opinion. If Walsh was there? They still would have won the Super Bowl in
my opinion. Seifert 77 winning percentage? I think that’s the highest in 49er history. That gives him a lot of plus right there. He’s won 10 games each. That gives him another plus as well. Made the playoffs every single year except
in 1991, but even then, they what 10-6. This is a very, very impressive record right
here, but you know for me, I dock him a couple points because of Bill Walsh and pretty much
his team and they were fine with or without him. Also, he did not handle the Charles Haley
situation correctly. Traded him to the Dallas Cowboys and whew! That did not work out well for the Niners
in that decade. Number 3? I think that’s a pretty legit topping right
there. Number 2, Jim Harbaugh. I put him over George Seifert just because
of the fact that he had a little bit of a more difficult challenge in my opinion because
before Harbaugh came, from 2003 all the way to 2010? They did not have a winning season at all
ever since then and when Harbaugh came? Boom! Instant magical things happen. Made it to 3 straight NFC Championship games
and one Super Bowl appearance. That is freaking amazing right there. His record speaks for itself. A 69 winning percentage in 4 years? That’s amazing right there, even his last
year when they went 8-8. That was a very respectable 8-8. See you got to remember. That year, he was about to get fired pretty
much. I mean, there was no question about it, which
kind of sucked right there. Jed York made up his mind he’s going to picture
Baalke over Harbaugh. He still played with this season as much as
he could and went a respectable 8-8. He got fired pretty much after that, which
sucks and we’re still feeling the effects a little bit today ever since then. After Harbaugh got fired? We had Jim Tomsula. Went 5-11. We had Chip Kelly. He went 2-14. Kyle Shanahan, he’s still trying to find his
footing, but we’ve had 2 losing seasons with him as the head coach. We haven’t had a winning season since Harbaugh
left the 49ers and prior to his arrival. That’s a pretty big history gap right there
for 49er history right there. That was a big mistake for York to fire Harbaugh
and I still am pretty pissed off to this day that that happened, but hey whatever. I’m not the owner of this team. I don’t get to pick who gets to be the coach. If I was the owner, I would definitely pick
Jim Harbaugh all day, all night. Harbaugh? Degree of difficulty prior to when he came
and just looking at the impact that he had after he left, I think that puts him at number
2 and one of the greatest coaches of all time even though he only coached 4 seasons with
the Niners, but it’s been very impactful 4 seasons. Before I get to the number one 49er head coach
of all time? Want to do a quick honorable mention. Going to be mentioning Steve Mariucci. Just like Harbaugh, ownership fired him in
2002 and after that man! They felt the effects of being bad for a long
time. From 2003-2010, they did not have a winning
season. It took until Harbaugh coming in 2011 to have
a winning season. Mariucci, got to give him credit. He did have a very good tenure in San Francisco,
but unfortunately. It was cut very short by ownership and whatever. Just like Harbaugh. Finally, coming in at number one as the greatest
head coach of all time in 49er history is Bill Walsh. I mean seriously? The innovator of offense football. West Coast offense. 3 Super Bowl titles? The Niners being crappy before he came? Come on. Like this is no question about it. Bill Walsh is the greatest head coach in 49er
history and maybe of all time. One of the most indispensable coaches of all
time. I mean, the game is pretty much what it is
today because of Walsh and his teachings are still very alive in San Francisco and in this
league with the West Coast offense and the way you just coach players. I feel like Bill Belichick has taken a couple
of books from Bill Walsh in terms of keeping players. Cutting players one year before it’s too late. Something like that, but yeah. Bill Walsh man? Greatest coach of all time. I made a video a long time ago talking about
his history with his time in San Francisco and it’s been an amazing one. Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Roger Craig, Ronnie
Lott. The list could go on and on of the Hall of
Famers that he coached during his time in San Francisco. 3 Super Bowl titles. Left a little too early in my opinion. He left a very good team and then Seifert
won two Super Bowls after Walsh left, but really. We could’ve won more Super Bowls had Walsh
been able to stay in San Francisco, but apparently. He had a lot of burnout and you know, I don’t
blame him. Coaching is a very stressful thing to do if
you want to do this job in the NFL, especially back in those days. Pretty much Bill Walsh? 3 Super Bowl titles. The way he’s impacted the NFL then and now? The way the 49ers were beforehand? They were a bunch of losers. Nothing going on with them, but when he came
in? Instant credibility and we’re one of the great
franchises in the NFL because of Bill Walsh. Without him? We would be no franchise. We’d be like the Detroit Lions to be honest
with you had Walsh not been with the Niners as a head coach. That’s pretty much it you guys. Want to do a quick Top 3 head coach videos
of all time. I hope you enjoyed this. Did some research on this. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Please let me know who the greatest head coach
in 49er history is. I’d like to hear what you got to say and if
you guys liked this, please “Like” and Subscribe to support my channel. That would definitely help me a lot and I’ll
be catching you guys up tomorrow. I’ll see then. Bye guys. Love y’all. Y’all have a good rest of your day. Go Niners all day!

15 thoughts on “3 Greatest 49ers Head Coaches of All Time (TBT)

  1. Who do you think are the greatest coaches of all time? Got some great ones in our history. Hope you all enjoy this TBT!

  2. how in tune are we as 9er fans?? lol I posted my 3 before I even watched the video..
    1. Walsh
    2. Harbaugh
    3. Seifert
    I chose those three guys for similar reasons also..

  3. Top three coaches are The greatest Bill Walsh , George Siefert , nd then Jim Harbaugh that’s how I rank them but urs is a pretty cool ranking also

  4. 1.Bill Walsh, 2.George Seifert, & 3.Jim Harbaugh all these coaches I like our my top 3 greatest Head Coaches of all time hopefully Kyle Shanahan fits into this category too in the near future

  5. Have you done a 49ers Mock draft, if not please do now that free agency’s over and it seems like we won’t be trading with the eagles or anything

  6. Why people think jim came into SF with nothing shocks me. Go look back at the pics we had already on the roster. It wasn't like jim had nothing…we had good pieces. Jim just made them better. Unlike kyle who came to SF with nothing at all.

  7. The owners made some awful decisions firing Mariucci and Harbaugh.  Unless you are going to hire somebody better, don't fire them.  The Harbaugh years seem like a fluke in the York era.

  8. Are you serious? Mike Singletary had the Niners back winning, then he did what he did and they fire him.. Then they higher Jim Harbaugh to stepped in..

  9. 1. Mike Nolan
    2. Jim Tomsula
    3. Mike Singletary

    this isn't up for debate.. these are by far the greatest 3 coaches we ever had…

  10. 1) Walsh
    2) Seifert
    3) K. Shanahan

    Jim Harbaugh was meh. Even as HC of the wolverines.
    Vic Vangio was the reason we made it so far. Our D was scary good. Vic beat the Pats in Foxborough. Ending the Pats dominance at home in the month of December.
    Vic was great in Chicago as well. Wish him the best as HC of the Broncos.

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