3 football skills that LOOK CRAZY… but are actually easy!

3 football skills that LOOK CRAZY… but are actually easy!

what is up everyone PWG here and today
i’m going to show you guys three flashy moves that are actually pretty simple to
pull off so let’s get to it the first trick of the day is the Two-foot
Jump it is exactly what it sounds like you have two feet and then you jump but
you use a ball so start with the ball in between your ankles and then you’re
gonna jump but while in midair release the ball and you can either
continue juggling or catch it with your hands even though that this trick might
look very simple freestylers across the globe use this to impress kids and the
good thing about this trick is that you don’t even have to know how to juggle
because you can just do the move and catch it with your hands if you want to
impress your audience even more there are plenty of variations out there of
this move for example the Neymar rocket that we all know and love but there are
plenty more out there so just get creative the second trick is the Shirt Catch
another trick that freestylers use most often to finish off a show as it is
highly visual and quite unexpected for this trick you will need a loose-fitting
t-shirt because if you have a tight t-shirt this trick will not work so
start by kicking the ball up in the air and lift your leg up and use your knee
as a bouncing pad because the ball will bounce on your knee and then underneath
your shirt to finish off the trick you can either do a funny little dance that
the kids always love you can do the pregnant lady or you can end up
like this simple right my third and final trick is unofficially called the Butt Kill so
picture this scene you’re walking in the park a guy kicks the ball high up in the
air the ball is coming towards you everyone is looking at you to see how
your first touch is you don’t want to look like a fool so you pull this one
out this move is funny and unexpected and
it’s all about timing you need to sit down on the ball right after it bounces
simple yet effective but you’ve got to make sure that you you know it with a
here not you know what I mean so that was it for this tutorial hope
that you learned something new and if you did leave a thumbs up and a comment
down below on what you want me to teach you guys next time and if you want to
learn more moves and skills click the playlist down below and don’t forget to
subscribe that’s it for me see you guys next time

35 thoughts on “3 football skills that LOOK CRAZY… but are actually easy!

  1. In the third skill be care full man.There are chances you can lost your ball in ??? .You now what I mean. 😁😁😁😀

  2. I pulled of that butt or whatever but next moment every friends teased me and they are not going to use that at any rate

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  4. Thanks for your funny skill , I'm really enjoyed thanks so much, I hope you upload more like this

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