[Music] what is up guys Peter BG here and today I’m gonna show you guys three tricks done by pro football players the tricks are pretty cool but if you train hard enough you’ll land them in no time so let’s get started [Music] first off we got pug Bob with a flick up this flick up is basically a crossing he’ll hit but with an around-the-world straight after this is what it looks like [Music] next up we got Ribery with another stylish flick up you flick the ball from behind you and you end up doing it around the wall in front of you it looks pretty cool check it out [Music] last but not least we got El Shaarawy with an insane flick up gets a pass it looks like he’s shooting but he actually does a flick up does homie Dasani around the world and it’s a perfect way to surprise your friends when you get a pass this is what it looks like [Music] hopefully enjoy the video leave a like if you did and also leave a comment down below which trick from which player you would like to see next also remember to subscribe by clicking the green bubble and also click the link here down below for more skill videos and that was it for this time see you guys next time [Music]

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