3 49ers Players Coming Back from Injury (2019)

3 49ers Players Coming Back from Injury (2019)

Ayo! It’s Bryan here. Today, going to be
talking about the San Francisco 49ers as always. Doing another Top 3 video.
Last video out for the week. Hopefully, this will be a good one for you guys.
Today I’m going to be talking about three players coming back from injuries. So
this could be players from our roster last year, players that are coming in
from free agency or the draft. I’m excited to see these players. Hopefully, they heal
it from their respective injuries, whatever they have and yeah. Hopefully,
that happens because you know for the past couple of years, I think we all know
in 2018, we were just riddled with injuries. It was ridiculous because
everybody was hurting for some reason, but hopefully with this new conditioning
program that they have; everything that they’re trying to do during the
offseason, it can all go well. Practice goes well for training camp. Everything
will be good by week one and you know hopefully by every single week that
happens, we get W’s. We don’t see anybody on the injury report being out for the
rest of the season. Going to be talking about that right now. Talking about this.
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Niners Faithfuls. Let’s do it. The Top 3 49er players coming back
from injury 2019. Number three, linebacker Kwon Alexander. I don’t really talk about him too much in terms of all the free agents. I thought
it was a great move that Lynch would take a risk taking a guy coming from an
ACL surgery. 49ers, they haven’t had the best of luck of drafting and picking up
players that are coming off of significant injuries, but hopefully
Alexander can change their fortunes. With the contract that he has, it’s similar to
like Dee Ford’s. It’s essentially a two-year deal. Very loaded with
guaranteed money for the first two. After that, if they want to cut bait with him. Not
have a lot of dead cap money, then they can do that if he’s not performing well
or if he’s just getting injured all the time. There’s an opt-out clause after year three. That’s good right there. That gives Alexander some motivation to do
very well because he has a very big contract. If it all goes well, five years,
about a $54 million deal. ACL surgery hopefully, everything went
well. Seems like everything went well. Nothing complications or anything like
that. Haven’t heard anything from the 49ers organization or any reporters
anything like that. So that’s good. Another thing that I’m concerned about
is this is not the first time he’s been injured in 2018 with the Bucs. He was
injured in 2017 with a hamstring injury. He missed four games during that time
span. 2018 would’ve been in his second year of getting an injury some way, shape
or form. So hopefully 2019, it can all change. He can
stay as healthy as possible. Not pull any hamstrings. Not getting any minor tweaks
or anything like that. He can be all good. Pair up with Fred Warner and company. I
think it’s going to be a very good linebacking crew. He’s only 24, 25 years old.
A very young man. I believe he can do something well for the 49ers. Hopefully
he’s worth that big money that the 49ers did pay him for the first two
years. I’m excited to see what he can do as a weakside outside linebacker. Number
two, EDGE rusher Nick Bosa. I’m excited to see this guy make his debut for the
49ers in 2019. One interesting fact that a lot of you guys might have known by
now, he has not been signed by the 49ers just yet, along with Deebo Samuel. I don’t
know what’s going on with their contract situations. Hopefully we’re not going to
have a Joey Bosa situation like the Chargers did a couple years ago. I’m
pretty sure Paraag and Lynch are doing their due diligence to get Bosa the
best contract possible I guess for a rookie. The whole offset language or
whatever. Don’t want a big situation like him where he misses a couple of
games and hampering his rookie campaign because he’s been injured already from
Ohio State. His injury history goes all the way back to high school where he
tours ACL. We want him to play as early as week one. That’d be amazing right
there. Bosa, whenever the contract situation gets settled. Whenever he comes
back from his little minor. I don’t know what you want to call it of a
hamstring injury. I think that what it was
in OTA’s. When he comes back from that fully healthy in training camp and in
week one, I expect great things from him. I expect a lot of stuff from him. Hey, we
drafted him number two overall. So we might as well get our dividends from
drafting him number two overall. He has a very good supporting cast with Solomon
Thomas, DeForest Buckner, Dee Ford. So there’s no way he could do bad for the
49ers in his rookie year, unless he gets a significant injury, but hopefully that
doesn’t happen. I mean, we’ve been marred with injuries. Please injury gods if
you’re watching this, don’t let the 49ers get hurt because they’ve been
hurting for the past couple years not just in 2018. Anyways Bosa, I’m excited what he can do in the EDGE rusher position. We definitely needed some help
from last year and I believe he will be the answer to all the 49ers problems in terms of getting sacks and getting pressure to the quarterback.
Bosa, let’s do it. Before I get to the number one player I’m excited for to
comeback in 2019, it’s pretty much obvious, but still. I’m
going to be doing some honorable mentions. Right now, going to be mentioning Jason
Verrett, Marquise Goodwin, Dante Pettis. Those are the guys off to top my head.
Anybody else I forgot, I’m sorry; but these three, I’m definitely excited to
see, especially Verrett. I’d love to see him in a 49er uniform and perform what he
can do on the opposite side of Richard Sherman. Those are the three guys right
there. Let’s get to the number one spot. Coming in at number one as the guy I’m excited for to comeback from a significant injury is Jimmy
Garoppolo quarterback. This was a pretty obvious one right here. I can’t wait to
see what he does in 2019. I think he’s going to wreak havoc on defenses. Everyone
is banking on him to stay healthy for all 16 games. If it goes all good. If Garoppolo’s able to comeback from his 2017 form, then I believe the 49ers, they
can win probably about 10 games. Maybe more if everything goes well. No
significant injuries, but hey. Injuries do happen in the NFL unfortunately. Got
to take that into consideration, but assuming that everything is even, the
playing field is all good, I believe Garoppolo, he will be the difference maker in 2019. He was supposed to be in 2018. He was supposed to be the
guy that beats the Cardinals twice. That beats the Rams at least one time. Have
that nice primetime game in week six. Unfortunately, we did not get that. He was
the guy that was supposed to do everything in 2018, but unfortunately, we
didn’t get to see what happened. Hopefully 2019, he gets a fresh start.
Just be careful on the field I guess. You don’t want to do too much like he did
when he tore his ACL. So ooh. I don’t want to talk about too much, but I’m pretty
sure you guys know what I mean. Anyways Garoppolo, I’m excited to see what he can
do. I think he’s going to elevate all the talent. He’s going to make all the rookies look
pretty good. I mean you look at Deebo Samuel, Jalen Hurd. Those guys, I think
they’re going to benefit mostly from Garoppolo Marquise Goodwin, that’s another
guy I mentioned on my honorable mentions video. He’s going to do fantastic with
Garoppolo. Can’t wait to see that connection again. Dante Pettis, George Kittle, I’m pretty sure Kittle’s very excited to see Garoppolo comeback. A
lot of things are banking on the quarterback.
If he stays all healthy 16 games, doesn’t do anything too crazy like turnovers, then
I believe the 49ers, we can go at least 10-6. So that’s what I’m hoping
for. Kyle Shanahan, company, organization, we’re all relying on this guy and we’ll see what happens. That’s pretty much it you guys.
Pretty quick video on players coming back from injury. I could have made like
a top-10 list for this kind of video, but hey. Going to stick it to Top 3.
That’s my thing right there. Please let me know who you guys are excited for to
comeback from there significant injuries. I’d like to hear what you guys
have to say as always. If you guys like this, please “Like” and Subscribe to
support my channel. That would definitely help me out a lot. I’ll catch you guys
are probably on a Tuesday, couple days from now. I’ll see y’all then. Bye guys.
Love y’all. Y’all have a good rest of your weekend. Go Niners all day, every day!

7 thoughts on “3 49ers Players Coming Back from Injury (2019)

  1. Which players that are coming off an injury are you excited to see make a comeback for the 49ers in 2019? Could've been a Top 10 video TBH. Have a great weekend. See you all Tuesday!

  2. C'mon DB don't ya know tier lists are the trend nowadays lol.

    Trent Taylor. Now he didn't miss much last year but he did have to rehab last off season so to have him have a full off-season I'm very excited to see him back. McKinnon is a very versatile guy and probably the freakiest athlete we have on the team. And of course Jimmy at #1. Watching the micd up video of Pettis and that throw from Jimmy was picture perfect. Drove off that back leg ball was thrown on a rope. I had just watched a Marino highlight reel and to see him lace it almost exactly like the legend himself had me irrationally hyped.

  3. I'm tired of Rodger Goodell players abusing people foster hill and Kareem but there not suspended for like 2 years but like weed smokers are being ban I dont understand

  4. Boss's injury history just flat out worries me , but I am pumped to see Jimmy come back and play all year,really hope he shuts up the stupid Kirk Cousins noise ,its stupid lol

  5. McKinnon is my choice but with so many other backs will he play total waste so far Goodwin because at least he is a down field threat Verrnett because he give you 2 number1 corners but highly unlikely he plays the whole year#1 is Jimmy G for obvious reasons

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