35 thoughts on “2MD: VR Football Head 2 Head Edition – Release Trailer | PS VR

  1. This looks like a lot of fun. Seeing the players running around, tackling, diving and piling up on each other is hilarious, because they're those tackle practice dummies. Or whatever they're called.

  2. Why r the graphics on the PSVR so bad, makes no sense, I'll keep on playing the Creed boxing game, that one is cool. This looks cheap.

  3. This could be a revolutionary game changer for all sports game but the graphics are killing me. I'm not usually picky about graphics either but this game would have soooo much more potential with at least realistic player models and a crowd in the stadium

  4. I bought this day one on the psvr and obsessed over this game to the point where I bought it on the pc for the rift. Any word if this is coming to the PC and if theres any future updates? Would love an endless mode where you keep going until you miss a throw

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