I’ve cleaned up with e to give you and three of your friends a chance to come up to the FA Cup final classic or in traffic in London on the way to physically station to meet Kalin and his friends then we’re going to bring them back to Wembley where we’ve got a little prank in store they think that they have a cozy hotel room for themselves tonight but little do they know that I have cancelled that and you guys are going to be in on the prank with me really Open Sesame ah thanks Travis okay then cut it cleanse me hey Dad I know right you’re all Chelsea fans right all right I’ll see you guys there really you’re in front of me okay sighs back at the hotel as well don’t believe anything if we don’t believe any fire some with the boys were just off to the hotel in a minute you all excited yeah all right they keep saying they’re scared that I’m going to prank them yeah thing to be scared I mean not not a prank basic it was a big admin there at the hotel was not so perfect if the moment for the fire was obviously all the hotels are para like completely pretty booked but we’re like wait try us we’re trying our method and we have a couple times back in the stadium working on a piece of driver no no other locations other edges the pike know what in Frisco yeah all right so it’s quite awkward they’re just standing in a little colder suck at the moment because why we hang on to the tall guys because we excite our way yeah good show – all right let’s get a chart going okay boo – boo – beef it’s a via Gouda I’ll say and on the dubbing – I’m Caliban I’ve got a budget by bit I’m billing on from our deal of Danny a lot big belly all right so we’re on a tour right now but the guys Adams here showing us around show us bit so stadium that you wouldn’t normally get to see so onwards we go so this where Williams principal imitation game I’m going to get your network not so much centralized got open and light like a fellowship so we’re going to take you out into the stadium now so this is the Wembley suite where the guess when I was dying out there at the Royal Box best things in the stadium of jeepers all that’s because the actual take on you are welcome to hold it you are welcome to list it oh wait I take the whole thing blank well one delayed by a label is yeah that sounded moves in depth you want to have a seat because these are the wall seats as well this is every single footballer male or female this is where they want to be tens of millions of people tomorrow’s will be watching this exact same moment you see that the guys up there putting the scarves now they started at nine o’clock this morning oh oh I’ve got a present for you guys right so just the cheesy little hahaha wearing that come on boys get out for the reputation and appreciate what an awesome trip I got them a present that I hate me my family gonna hate me there we go now I’m in the whole arsenal to win that’s what I take off my wonderful so we’re at the Royal Box you look fantastic you’re dressed as players there’s only one thing with the do now and that’s step we the players tunnel where the eyes of millions of people of every watch looks more cameras and makeup final so this is one of the most important parts of the stadium this is after the game where both managers well some banger and Antonio Conte was speaking the press the press conference would come and grab a seat on a table do you both awesome lingo maybe not French blow did you tell you Oh vodka do you wear life are great alright guys here we go out on the pitch what’s fair player care when it’s being fair game let’s go [Music] oh right okay yeah I don’t feel we clash you got one there guys I got it there was a share a piece of progression there we’re going good I don’t have any now but the next best thing we can actually go on the manager sees which side it did he say ask the words on Pinterest clean here tonight if we just leave here tonight all right so who’s hungry what the odds in getting it just eat here I’ll bet you got just a on smashing I made the order just have arrived we only got freedom I’m feeling I in your lives did you ever think that you’d be sitting in the manager’s seat at Wembley no I wouldn’t even think narrow things I mean pizza it way back hello yep okay so all right yes bye but I it’s not the Hilton my bags upstairs are they all right welcome in this is your bedroom for the night normal by my god what I say Jesus Christ no it’s not ma you’re joking it’s your bedroom oh my god my god they’re all this I knew I told you we made it happen would you propose so that’s clearly one bed bag for you to the ultimate hallux surprise and by the way thank to you know where you gonna go ball flew in sodargye sauna in three goes yeah she sauced any 100 1000 oh my god all right guys now as you know there’s only four beds in here unfortunately there’s not one for me okay so I’m going to wish you good night and then I’m going to find somewhere to sleep so good like you will get yeah yeah have a good night sleep be ready for tomorrow of course comedian Chelsea scum surface is on a kiss that bubble will come in time to find something to sleep good night [Music] good morning a little time to go we need somewhere else [Music] [Music] wake up count mornin yo yo yo time to go wake the others up okay I am up in showers but guess what the boys are still asleep so it’s time to wake them up Holloway and you’re not really into other lucky for you it’s hard to get up wakey wakey rise and shine callable our cook incoming why do you look so happy stop being happy I know how to wake you up Oh what’s this one day oh we’ve kicked off they can ask this on at our salon winning so we’ve been told that we’re specifically only allowed to film at certain times because BBC Breakfast all the way down there hey baby see how’s it going having a great time down there yeah when you’re on the program please can you shall I’ll cut it and say subscribe love you guys have a good day and I’ll still going to win or nil they got the BBC yeah my boys are having breakfast by the pitch as you do score predictions for today we went ask them see one after all who knew Arsenal to nil Arsenal New Jersey yeah quite down little Richie farm Arsenal 2-1 after extra time asked my prediction for today is to one to Arsenal I’m hella tired we’ve got nine hours until the match so if I just grab a Kip quickly only then thank you so much anyway guys thank you so much for watching thank you to e for putting all this time I really appreciate it make sure you check out the description make sure you like subscribe and I’ll see you but a next video

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