are you good you are here for the Friday okay so you know all the time I show you how to master the ball with your feet but today we’re gonna master the ball with your head let’s slam around the moon to bend your knee watch straight and lay down with your back flat shrug your shoulders to create the space around your neck and put the ball in the right position if you can tell like that that means you have the perfect control of the ball once you have the correct vision what you need to do is to put the ball on the air and try to catch the ball with your neck like that there are some tees for you to catch the ball properly first of all it’s not you take the board but you help yourself with your knee because it’s been uni you gonna control the ball better [Music] another advice watch the ball till the last minute even if I put my body in the position when you have a real master of the next tool you can do this trick many times [Music] now open pool are we gonna do the serious things we’re gonna do the around the moon first of all you have to stop with the exposition soda step one you’re gonna roll the ball in your shoulder and try to put the ball in front of you like that the exact same things but instead of catch the ball with your hands you’re gonna try to touch the ball with your other shoulder yeah the step number three is really simple you’re gonna catch the ball back with your neck like that as you know the around the world is when your leg go around the ball so the random moon is the exact same things so your heads gonna go around the ball so it’s really important to catch it after the other tip is really important to help yourself with your leg you know the fact your bend your knee is really important because more you’re gonna play on this motion you’re gonna throw the ball better and it’s easier for you to catch the ball okay now when you have a master of do around the moon you can try to do it both side you can try to make a variation of this move by using your body to play with what was a cool trick to use [Music] so let me know in the comment if next Friday you want to see a new tutorial and which move you want to learn with me and I’m gonna watch that because I’m always watching you almond baller if you are new to the channel and you want to learn some new moves don’t worry you have the all the playlists of the tutorial see and Gani just click on this don’t forget to thumbs up to like the video and also click here on the sand guide to subscribe to the channel if you want to watch the previous video just click on the square and I see you next time it’s a little boy who had these digital toys it killed off all of his joy and leave him always and no I destroyed everything he enjoy to the point he can never be Joyce no choice he’s a mainframe slave with a brain power pack games with violence but guns grenades


  1. J'ai perdu mon telephone j'ai les nerf je peut meme pas savoir si je suis passer dans le snap a Séan

  2. please teach some panna tricks so that i become the panna king like you Sean Garnier.PPPPPPLLLLEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. #lainstagramance pleaseeeee comeeee
    to Jakarta , Indonesia come and play with Indonesian people , Sean VS Indonesia
    thxx yooo

  4. hey sean are u at paris cause i'm going to soon Visit Paris eiffel tower and i want to meet u big fan of u!kindly respond my message!hoping for ur message!👍🏻and nice video by the way👍🏻👍🏻

  5. man haha I have seen other freestylers do a better ATM than u ! u flick the ball too high man which doesn't look good

  6. sean i like all your freestyle moves so can u plz put a tutorial on how to spin the ball on our finger like u plzz

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