2019 Tribe Football: Week 5 Press Conference – Gavin Johnson

2019 Tribe Football: Week 5 Press Conference – Gavin Johnson

From the Laycock Center in
Williamsburg, welcome to TribeAthletics.TV and football media day. Hello again,
everyone, this is Jay Colley and with us is a starting linebacker for the Tribe, Gavin
Johnson. And Gavin, I almost called you a defensive end because where you line up
your you’ve got a lot of freedom, don’t you? I do, I do. I actually get to stand up
now and rush, so that’s a nice change. You had a great game at East Carolina.
Talk to us about your team’s performance, particularly on that
defensive side of the ball. We’ve been trying to build on our
performance every week coming in and out of every week. We feel like we do well, but we feel like we can always do better and there’s
room for improvement. We’re trying to create more turnovers, more takeaways, more sacks. So we’re just trying to build on
every avenue from last year. I’m very proud of our defense and where we’re
going and what we still have left to do. When you’re rushing a quarterback are you thinking about the turnover the sack, or is it a situational? I would say it depends on situation, but more so I’m just trying to get the guy down.
As long as we can get the offense off schedule, anything above that is
just a cherry on top. You haven’t talked to us about your road to Williamsburg
and William & Mary. Well, I’m from Apopka, Florida and I found out about
W&M around November or December of my senior year. I took my visit, fell
in love with the place and it just seemed to be a great match – a perfect example
of both academics and athletics, and I’ve been here ever since.
I think you’re the perfect example of academics and athletics. By the way, you
were on the debate team in high school. I know you have some interesting stories
about that. I would say so, I would say so. I was a debate letterer in
high school. I did two years on the debate team. I went to the Florida Debate
Classic, so I think I have some skills up my sleeve. You ever use that against the
offensive guys on the other side of the football? No, no the ref seems to always
interjected at the last moment and, you know, be the judge,
Now we’ve got Albany this week. It is a new season. The first four games are off
the schedule now and we concentrate on a very tough FCS schedule. Right, this is our first conference opponent. We’re looking to start off our
conference play strong. We’re very excited and we’re looking
forward to hopefully bring back a great one this week and start conference
play off strong. Have you ever thought about a broadcasting career? It’s been
brought to my attention a couple times and you know maybe I could take
over your job when you’re done. Oh, ouch! Good luck this weekend. Thank
you, thank you for having me.

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