2019 NFL Week 12 picks predictions NFL football season

2019 NFL Week 12 picks predictions NFL football season

NFL Week 12 picks predictions NFL football season 2019
NFL Sunday games show lets see who will win today’s football games
NFL weekly national football league games 2019-2020 NFL season
All NFL week picks and game predictions
Score predictions
NFL weekly national football league games 2019-2020 NFL season
NFL Games I will be covering
Who I think will win each NFL football game for NFL Weekly
NFL Schedule – 2019 Team Schedules 2019 Week that’s right a filly 12 I’ll give some NFL week 12 picks all right
this way you don’t dislike this that’s right I’m gonna give you all nfl week 12
picks right now all the winning teams you want some winning picks watch some
Winning picks if you want someone who picks do you watch on what impacts do
you watch on winning picks come on now fellas come on I’m gonna give you some
crazy and a NFL football predictions crazy I say crazy I had too much of an
I had too much coffee you ready all right Thursday night you got the
Indianapolis Colts playing the Houston Texans who’s gonna win this that’s right
that’s right Houston Texans are gonna win this woo
all right Sunday you got Tampa Bay Atlanta who’s going this who’s going
this is gonna win this now you got Denver at Buffalo who’s gonna win
this who’s gonna win this the Denver Broncos pulling a crazy upset now you
got the Giants at Cincinnati science at Cincinnati are you crazy they’re
playing Chicago I know the Giants wish they played Cincinnati because
guess who’s gonna win the bears oh my Pittsburgh at Cincinnati now Pittsburgh
Steelers Miami at Cleveland the Cleveland Browns Carolina at New Orleans
New Orleans who dat Saints Oakland at the New York Jets who’s gonna win this
Oakland Raiders Detroit Lions at Washington Redskins you know what i’ma
go with the Detroit Lions Jacksonville at Tennessee oh oh you’re
about to dislike this and shut this off well let’s rewind real quick
Indiana Houston you know what I’m gonna take now I don’t want you’re just
like excited take your team so Houston Texans
correct tap bad I’ll answer let’s take sample Bay woo Denver at Buffalo you
know what that’s a let’s take Buffalo
this time Jan says Chicago New York Giants New York Jan’s now now now now
that’s enough of that crazy stuff that’s another that crazy stuff beast
can’t you just be straight and give us your picks I did I do
it’s in that long haul ass 30 minute video that’s right moose now I
just go straight to the video go right into the description look at the
description you can jump right to whatever week you want to check out
those are my solid picks yes they were early predictions but you know what some
of them are woo some crazy wild upsets and I watched it I looked at them and
I’m like you know I’m I’m a float with these picks I’m gonna float with these
flick woo bee float like a bee flow like a
bee boat like a bee throw like a bee he crazy beast you crazy you crazy so a
beast that’s right watch see some that’s for what’s up everybody
how tonight I I really did have too much coffee I gotta take the rest this
insulation out refinish that put this poly up that I have very strong and then
I get to start putting some can lights in who can lights can lights I can’t
even see them can lights can’t last beast can’t last can
all right I’m outta here those are my that’s where you gotta find my crazy
waiting week 12 nfl picks but you know what who’s gonna win this this week for sure
Minnesota Vikings are gonna win that’s right that’s right the Minnesota Vikings
are gonna win this thing you know why cause if I’m playing be
standing here so so crazy week

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