2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup | Wikipedia audio article

2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup | Wikipedia audio article

The 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup will be
the 18th tournament of the FIBA Basketball World Cup for men’s national basketball teams. The tournament will be hosted in China and
will mark a new era for the competition as described. Rescheduled from 2018 to 2019, this edition
will be the first FIBA Basketball World Cup since 1967 that will not occur in the same
year as the FIFA World Cup, but a year following the latter. Also, the group stage will expand from 24
to 32 teams. Japan as the host of the 2020 Summer Olympics,
the top two teams from each of the Americas and Europe, and the top team from each of
Africa, Asia and Oceania in this competition will qualify for the men’s basketball event
in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Both the Czech Republic and Montenegro will
make their first appearances in the FIBA World Cup, while Poland makes its return to the
FIBA Basketball World Cup for the first time since 1967.==Hosts selection==The whole bidding process started in April
2014. Bids from numerous nations were submitted. On 16 March 2015, it was confirmed that the
World Cup will be staged in Asia, with China and Philippines as the final countries to
be the basis for the selection of the host. On 7 August 2015, it was announced that China
won the bid against the Philippines and will host the upcoming World Cup.===Voting results=====Venues====Qualification==China as the hosts automatically qualified
for the tournament. The continental championships were longer
belong to the qualification system for the World Cup. Instead, two rounds of continental qualifying
tournaments were held over two years.The first round of the Americas, Asia/Oceania and Africa
qualifiers featured 16 teams each, whereas Europe had 32 teams. Division A teams were split in groups of four,
to be held in a home-and-away round-robin. The top three teams in each groups advanced
to round two, and the last placed teams played the best Division B teams to qualify for the
next season’s Division A. In round two of the World Cup qualifiers,
teams were split in groups of six, totaling four groups in Europe and two in the other
qualifiers. Teams carried over the points from round one,
and face another three teams again in a home-and-away round-robin. The best teams in each group qualified for
the World Cup. Starting 2019, no wild card selection was
held, and the Olympic champions were not guaranteed a spot in the tournament. The draw for the qualifiers was held on 7
May 2017 in Guangzhou.Montenegro and the Czech Republic will debut in the World Cup; Montenegro
was formerly a part of Yugoslavia, and later, Serbia and Montenegro teams, while the Czech
Republic was a part of the old Czechoslovakia. Poland is returning to the World Cup, after
participating in 1967. Canada, China, Germany, Ivory Coast, Russia,
and Tunisia are returning to the World Cup after missing out in 2014. Croatia, Egypt, Finland, Mexico, Slovenia,
and Ukraine were the teams that participated in 2014 that did not qualify in 2019. Brazil and the United States qualified in
2019, continuing their streaks in participating in all World Cups.===Qualified teams=====Format==
The tournament will be played in three stages. During the first stage, the 32 qualified teams
will be sorted into eight groups of four (A-H) and each team in a group will play the other
three teams once. The top two teams from each group will then
advance to the second group stage. In the second group stage, there will be four
groups of four (I-L) made up of the teams that advanced from the first round, again
playing each other once. The top two teams from groups I to L will
qualify for the final knockout phase.Classification rounds will be revived after they were not
held in 2014. They were traditionally held in every World
Championship/World Cup and were last seen in action in 2010.In total, 92 games will
be played over a total of 16 days.==Draw==
The draw took place on 16 March 2019 at Shenzhen Cultural Center in Shenzhen.Hosts China and
the seven best qualified teams as per the February 2019 FIBA World Rankings were seeded
in Pot 1, and China and USA were assigned to groups A and E, respectively. Teams in pots 1, 4, 5 and 8 were drawn into
Groups A, C, E and G, and Teams in pots 2, 3, 6 and 7 were drawn into Groups B, D, F
and H. Canada was moved from Pot 5 to Pot 6, switching places with Iran (the best ranked
team from that pot) to avoid having two teams from the Americas in the same group. FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 Global Ambassadors
Kobe Bryant and Yao Ming, American singer and songwriter Jason Derulo, and Chinese idol
singer Yang Chaoyue led the draw ceremony. After the draw, Group H, which includes Australia,
Canada, Lithuania, and Senegal, was described as the “group of death”.===Groups A, C, E and G======Groups B, D, F and H=====Group phase=====Group A===Venue: Cadillac Arena, Beijing===Group B===Venue : Wuhan Gymnasium, Wuhan===Group C===Venue: Guangzhou Gymnasium, Guangzhou===Group D===Venue: Foshan International Sports and Cultural
Center, Foshan===Group E===Venue: Shanghai Oriental Sports Center, Shanghai===Group F===Venue: Nanjing Youth Olympic Sports Park Gymnasium,
Nanjing===Group G===Venue: Shenzhen Bay Sports Centre, Shenzhen===Group H===Venue: Dongfeng Nissan Cultural and Sports
Centre, Dongguan==Second round=====Group I===Venue: Foshan International Sports and Cultural
Center, Foshan===Group J===Venue: Wuhan Gymnasium, Wuhan===Group K===Venue: Shenzhen Bay Sports Centre, Shenzhen===Group L===Venue: Nanjing Youth Olympic Sports Park Gymnasium,
Nanjing==17th–32nd Classification==
Bottom 2 teams from each group in Round 1 will play in the Classification Round.===Group M===Venue: Guangzhou Gymnasium, Guangzhou===Group N===Venue: Cadillac Arena, Beijing===Group O===Venue: Dongfeng Nissan Cultural and Sports
Centre, Dongguan===Group P===Venue: Shanghai Oriental Sports Center, Shanghai==Final phase=====Bracket======5–8th classification=====Final rankings====Media==
The television rights holders by country or region are as follows:==Marketing=====Logo===
The official logo of the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup was officially unveiled on 21 March
2017 in a ceremony held in Shanghai. The logo’s concept was inspired from the Beijing
Opera where the actors symbolize concepts such as wisdom, persistence, power and perfection,
which are prerequisite characteristics that the participating players of national team
will need to exhibit “in order to succeed”. The logo design was also inspired from the
Chinese Dragon Dance, a cultural tradition depicting a story of two flying dragons battling
over a shining pearl which is meant to parallel the competition of national teams for the
Naismith Trophy. The logo was created Shanghai based agency
Infront China will become the exclusive marketing partner for the domestic commercial rights
of FIBA Basketball World Cup China 2019, according to a strategic cooperation agreement officially
announced between Infront China, a Wanda Sports company, the International Basketball Federation
(FIBA) and the Organizing Committee for the competition. The FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 will be
staged across eight Chinese cities including Beijing, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Shanghai, Wuhan,
Shenzhen, Foshan and Dongguan, from 31 August to 15 September 2019.===Mascot===
An international mascot design competition was organized with the winning mascot chosen
by fans. Yan Xu’s design, a Chinese Dragon-inspired
named Son of Dreams, was announced to be the winning mascot on 18 April 2018. Son of Dreams was born in China on 8 August
2015 one day after China was announced as the host according to the mascot’s fictional
biography. The magical horns of the mascot is described
as having the ability to give the dragon “the power to see in the future, envisioning plays
and moves before they actually happen”. He wears a red and blue uniform with the tournament’s
logo and high tops by China’s top player Yao Ming. The mascot was chosen over other finalists
Speed Tiger who was inspired by a Siberian tiger and QiuQiu (a.k.a. Little Lightning)
who was inspired by a Chinese lion. The official mascot made his first public
appearance on 28 June 2018 in Shenzhen.===Ball===
On 16 March 2019, FIBA revealed the official ball that would be used in the World Cup,
Molten BG5000, designed by Molten.==Issues and concerns==
There are concerns from national federations that they will not be able to play the qualifiers
with players from top professional leagues globally (the National Basketball Association
and EuroLeague), which is possible with professional leagues operating in mid-year

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