2018 VIRGINIA FOOTBALL: Squad Sessions – Pride Friday

2018 VIRGINIA FOOTBALL: Squad Sessions – Pride Friday

[MUSIC PLAYING] I think the fun in Pride
Friday is you never know what you’re going to get. We came in here this morning. We probably had problems on our
mind, but we were coming in. We were going to
play dodge ball. Usually, the rule is you don’t
believe it till you see it. Yeah. And it just brings a
different type of energy. And it’s the perfect
way to end the week. Just competing
against each other just brings you back
to like growing up, like in the backyard when you’d
always like have these teams that you would form. And you’d always
just compete to win. And it was just fun. Like just today, there
was so much energy. And just all for like,
good competition. And I feel like it’s all
bringing us close together. I think guys are excited about
being in the squads and taking pride in their squads. I mean, you get drafted
into them, buy into that, and then you own that squad. You own your block. It’s a lot more ownership. Just seeing guys
compete and compete for something that
means a lot to them, it’s really inspiring to watch. A really exciting thing.

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