2015 UCF Football Feature: State Troopers

2015 UCF Football Feature: State Troopers

(rock guitar music) – [Voiceover] The Florida
highway patrol troopers have been partners of our for a long time, and they play a very
important role for us. – [O’Leary] The two troopers
that travel with us for the games, Chris Blackman and Kevin
Brown, they don’t get nearly enough credit for how
much they help the team. – [Voiceover] I’ve been
fortunate to travel with the team since 1998 doing security
for Coach O’Leary, along with the players. – [Voiceover] Joined the
patrol the 1990s with Central Orlando as a rookie trooper, worked in Orlando to 1996, promoted to Sergeant in 2002, came back to Orlando and
was asked to be part of the UCF football detail. When Coach first came in,
we were concerned that we wouldn’t be kept on the detail. We met with Coach
O’Leary in his office and came to find out his family has
a history of law enforcement in New York, and that
conversation went very well, and he decided to keep us on the detail. – [Brown] Esssentially what
we do is provide escorts for the team. If for a home game, they
still stay at a hotel, so we’ll get the UCF team
from the hotel to the game, provide sideline security. Afterwards, we go to the press
conference with Coach O’Leary then after the game, we’ll
take the visiting team back to the airport. – [Hansen] Game day with
everything, especially with the football program
and the football team, the timeline is critical that
we ring to the minute on that, and we couldn’t do it without
the folks from the FHP and the troopers. They really help us,
not just for home games, but move out the to an away game. – [Brown] On a typical
away game, we meet the team at the Wayne Densch Complex, and we’ll provide an
escort to Sanford Airport. For the escort, we’ll use
motorcyles to assist us. That’s the easiest way
from my perspective, and we just try and
keep the buses together. – [Blackman] I’m the lead,
so I’m in front of the bus, and what they do is the
bus driver follows me, and then over the radio,
the troopers will tell me which lane to get into. They’ll make a hole for us so
we can get the buses and keep the team moving. – [Brown] We’ll monitor
the flow of traffic, regulate traffic signals,
and provide a safe escort for the players and the coaches. – It’s not just during the
team trips that they’re helping us get through traffic
with the police escorts. They also help me organize
all the police escorts at the away games. – [Brown] I’ll make contact
with the jurisdiction that we go into and set up an escort for the team, do security at the hotel for
the walkthrough, and then game day and then back
to the airport as well. – They’re such great guys
that they’re just willing to help out in any way possible,
even if we’re out of season, they’re gonna call us to see
if we need help with anything. – [Brown] I love my job as
a trooper and the things I get to do, the variety
of things I get to do, but I really look forward to
UCF and the opportunity that I’ve been given to travel
and provide security and the relationships that I’ve
formed with players, coaches. – [Blackman] Coach O’Leary
has been exceptional to me and my family. Coach has really taken
care of us very well. – [Brown] It’s been a great run and I hope it will continue for years to come. (rock guitar music)

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