2006 MNF Comeback | Bears vs. Cardinals | NFL Full Game

2006 MNF Comeback | Bears vs. Cardinals | NFL Full Game

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  1. For your viewing reference:
    12:43 Leinart 11-yard TD Pass to B. Johnson

    23:52 Grossman Picked off by Francisco

    26:06 Leinart 26-yard TD Pass to A. Boldin

    32:04 Grossman Picked off by G. Hayes

    43:25 Grossman Sack Stripped by G. Hayes

    53:10 Grossman Sack Stripped by A. Wilson

    1:25:32 Leinart Sack Stripped by Anderson and returned for a TD by Brown

    1:41:29 Grossman Picked off by D. Dockett

    1:50:35 Grossman Picked off by R. Griffith

    1:52:12 Urlacher Strips E. James and Tillman Returns for TD

    2:00:22 Devin Hester Punt Return TD

    2:03:47 Start of Leinart Final Drive

    2:09:54 N. Rackers Game-Winning Field Goal Attempt


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  6. For u people that goes by stars and big names i know Urlacher and Briggs was the big names but this team had a great D-line very underrated all of them

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  8. Urlacher was a god damned animal this game. I remember getting insanely drunk after this in celebration. Great memory of a great game.

  9. Kyle Orton, Rex Grossman – Chad Hutchinson -Craig Krenzel were awful during their careers and because of it – the Bears which had great defenses during Dave Wansteadt and Lovie's coaching careers the BEARS were really who we knew they were. a running team with a good defense and that's all folks.

  10. Why don’t they talk about this game more in history of the NFL No Offensive Points!!!! 6 Turnovers!!!!! And The broadcasters called Bears Theives and And still brag about how good the Cardinals are but no credit to how Great the Bears Defense Played!!!!

  11. I was at this game. Craziest regular season sporting event Ive ever attended. I keep this ticket stub to remind me that anything is possible. You can have a trash QB that commits 6 turnovers (should have been more) and still get that W.

  12. Bears defense is awesome this year….. but cant hold a candle to the 2006 defense. Oh the memories. I remember watching this game in my barracks room in the Navy. I was so pissed off the entire time. It was the longest, most pathetic display on offense I had ever seen. Then the last 5 minutes my mood swing to pure elation was insane. I lost my mind when Hester ran the punt in for the TD. This defense AND special teams was untouchable. If they just had a decent QB who could just protect the ball and be accurate on passes only 10-15 yards out or closer….. they very well might've gone 16-0 as the announcers here were talking about. For sure would've beaten the Colts in the SB. But no one remembers Super Bowl losers. Such a waste of one of the best defenses and THE best special teams ever assembled on this '06 team. Great memories.

  13. Rex Grossman got me -6 fantasy points that game and I had Desmond Clark and Bernard Berrian too. At least Da Bearsss still won. But the Mike Brown loss was killer.

  14. Jesus, if Chicago had had even a semi-decent QB that year they would've walked away with the Superbowl. What a waste of a whole generation of fantastic defense and ST talent.

  15. 23:50 "this kid could own Chicago if he keeps throwing touchdown passes" Grossboy immediately throws one of his trademark INTS

  16. My bears 🐻 🏈 fans, feel free to click that like button if you were have a good time that year! (2006-2007) I’ll be the first

  17. I love all the trash talk in the announcers we're doing. I wonder what they're saying to themselves on the drive home….

  18. Bears didn't have a QB. To prove it @ the end of the game w/seconds left, he didn't know you had to kneel down to stop the play. That's how stupid he is. Crap offense. LMAO @ Green. They are who we thought they were. Yep Winner

  19. I’m going to give a reality check to the lemmings here about Rex.

    In the 5 games before this, he had an average of 250 yards and had 2 and 3 TDS a game. After this, he was either great Rex or Abysmal Rex.

    That does not mean one sucks. That means his mind went out to lunch when things did not go his way. Happens to a few athletes over time.

    Most of YouTube watchers are lemmings that choose to selectively watch instead of studying anything. Makes them no better than anyone starting accounts just to start trouble. Just as uninformed.

  20. You wanna crown em then crown their ass! But the bears are who we thought they were! And we let em off the hook!

  21. It’s pretty amazing that’s the real answer for this Franchise beside Larry, was Number 13 that was a backup. Kurt Warner is one of my favorite quarterbacks.

  22. I'll never forget watching this in my apartment with my ex-girlfriend on Monday Night Football in Addison, Illinois. I was going nuts at the end what a game.

  23. I'll never forget watching this in my apartment with my ex-girlfriend on Monday Night Football in Addison, Illinois. I was going nuts at the end, what a game.

  24. Devin Hester from the 18
    Hester the punter to beat…HE BEAT ‘EM!

    I was there. Most incredible game I’ve ever seen that could only be beaten by winning a ring.
    Let’s go Bears!

    2019 is our year. Bear Down!

  25. Ok, there was A LOT of ridiculousness in this game… A LOT.

    However, the comment about Matt Leinart in which they said "this kid has a quiet confidence… LIKE TOM BRADY !!!!!!"

    Now look, I understand that this 2006-07 Bears Defense was outstanding. There were quite a few Pro Bowlers on that team. As the rest of the 06-07 Season would play out, the Bears Defense would have more opportunities to show how great they were… no doubt this was a truly talented Squad!

    HOWEVER, comparing A ROOKIE QB to Tom Brady, even back then when Brady "ONLY" had 2 or 3 Super Bowl Rings and was still pretty young, well, that's just ridiculous. Foolish, actually.

    This is a clear case of "Great College QBs don't always translate into Great NFL QBs"…

    In fact, it's pretty rare.

    Co.paring Leinart to Brady was premature and, like I said before, just plain foolish.

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