1v1 Soccer Drill for Attackers and Defenders

1v1 Soccer Drill for Attackers and Defenders

Okay guys. Hi, this is Gabriel Carrera from 10X Soccer Performance. Today, I’m going to show you a soccer drill that’s for attackers as well as for defenders. First of all, we start with the ball. Two guys passing the ball, okay? The key here, your goal has to concentrate on ball, okay? I’m going to touch one cone to the side, either side and the attacker is going to react quickly.
But he has to be concentrating. Put pressure right away to the defender. As soon as I touch the cone, I put pressure on him, the attacker. So here we go, passing the ball, kicking the ball. [soccer players passing the ball] Put pressure here. [soccer player kicking the ball at goal] Okay, one more time, I will show it you again. [soccer players passing the ball] [SOCCER PASSES] [SOCCER KICKS] [NOISE] Okay guys, so that’s it. Make sure you drill it and drill it, over and over again until you’re able to react quicker, faster and that’s it. So make sure you click the link below and share the video. [Best Soccer Tricks]

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