3 thoughts on “1982 Great Neck South Rebel Football – Undefeated Division Champions

  1. We really were an amazing team! I thought over the years we romanced our memories of that season, but watching those tapes, we were damn good. I love your Dad's commentary! I felt like I just watched an early version of NFL Films. Thanks for posting this to share with everyone!

  2. I'm so glad I found this. My dad, Coach Sadlo, is currently in hospice and not doing well. I'm trying to reach all of the players so they know what is going on. I'm also trying to find the players that I was the water boy for back in the '70s. I'd be extremely grateful if anyone can help me get the word out. He still lives in NHP.

  3. Hi Tom. Been a while! Cool you found this. Extremely sorry for your loss. He's a great man. GOD BLESS YOU AND ALL AFFLICTED. With Love, Stephen.

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