1950 FIBA World Championship | Wikipedia audio article

1950 FIBA World Championship | Wikipedia audio article

The 1950 FIBA World Championship, also called
the 1st World Basketball Championship – 1950, was an international basketball tournament
held by the International Basketball Federation in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from October 22
to November 3, 1950. Ten nations participated in the inaugural tournament. All competition
was held at the Luna Park, Buenos Aires. Argentina claimed the gold medal, by beating the United
States 64–50.==Venues====Competing nations==
FIBA determined the requirements to qualify for the World Championship as follows: the
three best teams in the previous Summer Olympics basketball, the two best teams from South
America, Europe and Asia, plus the host country. France, Brazil and the United States were
granted a place each, following their performances in the 1948 Summer Olympics held at London.
Uruguay and Chile qualified as the top two teams in the 1949 South American Basketball
Championship, and Egypt, with the first place at EuroBasket 1949. Since no Asian teams were
present due to travel difficulties, invitations were extended to Ecuador, Yugoslavia and Spain.
Uruguay withdrew from the tournament as well, for political reasons. Peru went instead.==Preliminary rounds=====First phase===Egypt and Peru advance to the second preliminary
phase. Ecuador and Yugoslavia advance to the first
repass round.===Second phase===Argentina, Brazil, Egypt and USA advance to
the final round. Chile and France advance to the first repass
round Peru and Spain advance to the second repass
round.==Repass rounds=====First phase===Chile and France advance to the second phase.
Ecuador and Yugoslavia are relegated to the classification round.===Second phase===Chile and France advance to the final round.
Peru and Spain are relegated to the classification round.==Classification round====Final round====Awards====Final rankings====Team rosters==
Argentina: Óscar Furlong, Ricardo González, Pedro Bustos, Leopoldo Contarbio, Hugo del
Vecchio, Vito Liva, Alberto López, Rubén Menini, Omar Monza, Raúl Pérez Varela, Juan
Carlos Uder, Roberto Viau (Coach: Jorge Hugo Canavesi – Casimiro González Trilla)
USA: John Stanich, Bob Fisher, Bryce Heffley, Tom Jaquet, Dan Kahler, John Langdon, Les
Metzger, J. L. Parks, Jimmy Reese, Don Slocum, Blake Williams (Coach: Gordon Carpenter)
Chile: Rufino Bernedo, Pedro Araya, Eduardo Cordero, Mariano Fernández, Exequiel Figueroa,
Juan José Gallo, Raúl López, Luis Enrique Marmentini, Juan Ostoic, Hernán Ramos, Marcos
Sánchez, Víctor Mahana (Coach: Kenneth Davidson) Brazil: Zenny de Azevedo “Algodão”, Ruy de
Freitas, Alfredo da Motta, Paulo Rodrigues Siqueira “Montanha”, Hélio Marques Pereira
“Godinho”, Celso dos Santos, Plutão de Macedo, Sebastião Amorim Gimenez “Tiao”, Thales Monteiro,
Alexandre Gemignani, Milton Santos Marques “Miltinho”, Ângelo Bonfietti “Angelim” (Coach:
Moacyr Brondi Daiuto)==All-Tournament Team==Oscar Furlong (Argentina)
John Stanich (USA) Rufino Bernedo (Chile)
Álvaro Salvadores (Spain) Ricardo González (Argentina)==Top scorers==
Álvaro Salvadores (Spain) 13.8 Fortunato Muñoz (Ecuador) 13.2
Alfredo Arroyave (Ecuador) 11.4 Óscar Furlong (Argentina) 11.2
Rufino Bernedo (Chile) 10.8 Ricardo González (Argentina) 10.7
Eduardo Kucharski González (Spain) 9.8 Hussein Kamel Montasser (Egypt) 8.8
Eduardo Fiestas (Peru) 8.7 Alberto Fernández (Peru) 8.2==External links==
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