166ft Truck Jumping – Stunt Family Break Two World Records


COMM: At the end of July 2015, truck jump enthusiasts converged in Montana for the annual
Evel Knievel Festival. This is the icon’s hometown, so it’s no surprise daredevils from
across the States come here to put on an impressive show. Including motor sports stunt family
the Godfrey clan. 00:31
COMM: Gregg Godfrey was here to take on the semi truck jump. Over Evel Knievel’s big red
hauler. 00:37
GREGG: This weekend’s about celebrating Evel Knievel and what he pioneered. Taking an idea
and a passion and a dream and exploring the boundaries. I haven’t been in a semi for almost
two years. Last time we attempted a jump like this it didn’t turn out so hot. Now we find
ourselves here to reclaim our world record. 00:58
COMM: With checks complete it was all systems go. 01:13
GREGG: Now the moment of jumping is what, ten seconds? At the most, y’know and it slows
down and I can see it. I can feel the truck. If the front ends coming up, I’m feeling a
little nervous. If it’s flying, I’m gonna be stoked. 01:29
COMM: The previous world record jump for a semi truck, set in 2014, was 83 feet. Greg
cleared a whopping 166 feet. Double the distance. 01:41
COMM: Tanner Godfrey, Gregg’s nephew, was taking on his own leap of faith. A side by
side vehicle jump in a Polaris RZR 1000. A feat made even more incredible by the fact
that Tanner was left paralysed by a spinal cord injury in 2007, but managed to walk again. 02:11
COMM: The world record for a two seater off road vehicle jump was 198 feet, and 26-year-old
Tanner cleared 202 feet. Like his uncle, smashing the previous record. 02:26
TANNER: I didn’t know if I was going to make a hundred honestly the first time and I just
held it wide open. That was to the floor, maxed out. We made it.
ANNOUNCER: We made it baby, shoo!

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