150€ vs 35€ adidas Telstar 18 World Cup football review – worth the extra money?

150€ vs 35€ adidas Telstar 18 World Cup football review – worth the extra money?

today I’m taking a look at the adidas Telstar 18 the official World Cup match ball to see if it’s really worth to shelling out 150 euros on the official match ball or if you could do just as well under 35 euro top Ripley from a tech perspective things could get really nerdy really quickly so I’m gonna keep it relatively simple for you guys but hey the own B is made with the far better and more high quality materials using six panels that consists of two layers they’re first glued together and then he pressed around the bladder to make the pool as fast and stable at the same time as possible the top rock lake on the other hand features some more panels that I can initially count that are then glued on top off the planet and then overlaid to really mimic the panel shape that you get at the official match ball obviously there is also a pretty big difference when you play between the official match ball and the top Ripley but it’s actually not as big of a difference as I had anticipated because while the official match ball has a more defined a protector and feels more grippy and slightly less slippery and feels easier to control it’s actually also not bad on the top replay it has a pretty rough texture on the upper and that’s well for a 35 year old football and it is I know means bad in this area when we look at the striking though it becomes a little bit more evident that the balls are different because when you strike the official match ball it feels slightly more thingy and fast and responsive but also has a more stable movement than the top replete but despite it being a little bit more soft and should we say lazy in the air it also has a rather fast fly to it and for a 35 year old ball again I’m actually rather impressed now you can also see the difference when you do the drop test because while the top Pro plate is a little bit worse than the official match ball it’s actually not too different after all and that’s the funny thing because the chopper plate isn’t a bad football actually it’s a pretty nice football for the money but it just feels more rewarding to really catch the on beam with a sweep strike because it has that nice weighted elegance to it while at the same time it’s also able to move like an angry racehorse running after Tarek at full speed if you hit it hard enough it feels a little bit like the brazuca only faster and more stable and solid at the same time and that for me is where the difference lies between the two balls just feels like you can trust the or won’t be a little bit more to do what you want when you strike it but it kind of has to when it’s that more expensive of course there’s also the near-field communications chip which is only on the official match ball it’s calling oh but honestly you shouldn’t buy just because of that you buy it because it’s better and more durable in the end though there’s not a shade of doubt in my mind about the fact that the official Telstar match ball is the better football there’s not really a contest here who would that set the top league is a pretty sweet deal it’s a brilliant training ball and you can also use it as a match ball if your team can afford 150 euro top alternative and actually at 115 euros less it is by far the best value out of the two but which is the one for you the official Telstar match ball or the Telstar top Ripley you should let me know in the comment section right down below and while you’re at it don’t forget to check out my first impression off the Telstar by clicking the video right down here make sure you subscribe by clicking the green bubble over my head leave me a like if you had a good time and spread the word by sharing this video with your friends and with that said I’m signing off cheerio

100 thoughts on “150€ vs 35€ adidas Telstar 18 World Cup football review – worth the extra money?

  1. If I am spending my own money, it has to be the Replique all day every day bro. I have no doubt the OMB is the better ball, but, shit, for the price of one of those bad boys I could afford a nice pair of boots and the Replique. Or I could just take my wife out for a nice dinner, but probably not…I'd probably buy the boots TBH.

  2. Just looking for what boot that Jay worn…just only see and imagine that boot on my feet..but only in dream ..😔😔😔😔…ps:far away from Jay home..

  3. Hello! So! Im asking that should I buy Adidas predators 18+

    But I HAVE A big foot so Im scared that it dosen't fit for me

    Someone know HOW to help?

    I tried Adidas ace boots And they didint fit for me that's Why Im scared!
    But! If someone Can help tell me should I buy!

  4. Unisport what do you think of this ball for freestyle compared to a beau jeu Euro ball or a champions league ball

  5. Will you guys do the reviews of adidas copa tango 18.1 tr. especially the sole. I need to know whether it wide as adidas copa tango 17.2 tr or not.

  6. If youre going to think about keeping a ball for a year then 35 Euro.
    If youre going to think about keeping a ball for over 10 years then by all means go for the Official match ball, you can also since its a world cup ball keep it for longer and resell that for a much higher price.

  7. I buy the cheaper ball because I can’t and won’t pay €150 for a football. All you’re going to do with it is kick the crap out of it and ruin it. You wouldn’t spend so much money on anything else just to destroy it. Yes the more expensive one will last longer but the huge difference in price points along with the negligible differences in playability between the two for me mean that I can’t justify buying the official “real” ball.


  9. Hi! i'm not very good at football but i have money to spend to buy an official match ball and I want it. But I really don't need the official ball should I buy the top repuplique?

  10. Jay Mike just want to ask a few questions. I got the Telstar 18 and its been the best football ive played with. Im curious how the Telstar 18 compares to Select Brillant Super. Im thinking of purchasing the Select ball due to the excellent reviews it has.

  11. I got the official match ball for $30 cause it was in the wrong package. And no, I wasn’t the one who switched them.

  12. Hi! Where is your telstar official matchball made in? Online says its supposed to be pakistan but mine's made in china. Hope i didnt get scammed. Thanks!

  13. No matter how good the omb is, the ball is still unpredictable in the air when it's been struck because of the critiques received from top gk such as De Gea, Ter Stegen, and Pepe Reina. The two things that every gk wants is the consistency and predictability of the ball in order to make a save. I am a fan of adidas's product but with the omb, I'm not really a fan of because of the 6-panel construction. The more traditional 32-panel ball is more stable in the air and far more predictable than the 6-panel construction. No offense to Unisport, I am a subscriber and I enjoy your videos. Cheerios….

  14. The ball was made in Pakistan
    But for real tho, Brazuca ,Jabulani and Fevernova have a better design than this one. This ball looks lame and without any life or spirit whatsoever.

  15. Hi im pakistani
    We are the manufacturers of this ball
    Big fan of world cup
    Hope we reach this stage one day

  16. Well done Pakistan. Yet again. The "Telstar" is made in Pakistan. The last ball "Brazuca" was also made in Sialkot Pakistan.

  17. Don't buy that official match balls with computer chips in them. They are there as part of the government mind control measures. It's not a conspiracy. Trust me. I am warning the lot of you out there. Don't ask me how I know this. All I can say is, this balls with tracking device and mind control wave generating chips is probably the second biggest conspiracy against the people of the world second only to the like about the earth being a ball shaped planet. Please, the earth is really flat. You can just go out to the open and see for yourself. And a planet? Don't believe that either. The earth is just like a piece of paving tile. It's solid, it's just like a square piece of yuuuuge pavement. If you think you still can think for yourself and your mind is able to process and analyse info to arrive at your independent thoughts. Then, dare you not buy or get too close to those mind controlling balls. Just look around you and note how many people completely rejected the flat Earth theory and opted for the round earth lie, you know how lucky you are not to have been controlled. don't throw your chance away.

  18. As a goalkeeper I judge soccer balls on how good they feel if smashed into my face at point blank range. So how is the "smash-in-face" rating? Usually I stand in the store and keep chucking them into my face until I say…. "this one feels good." So could you save me the hassle?

    Incidentally it's always the ones that the strikers say "aren't round" or "doesn't go where I want it to." Pffft…. amateurs. (Also happens to be the cheapest ball, but nevertheless).

  19. If you want a well weighted powerful ball you can buy the Liga MX Voit Lummo for $30, same material, same behaviour as the Telstar 18 OMB. I just can't validate kicking and dragging $165 in mud, why? Buy the Replique for $15 now at Adidas.

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