120 Yard Shot With A slingshot, An Entire Football Field With The Axiom (Trick Shot Tuesday Ep.9)

120 Yard Shot With A slingshot, An Entire Football Field With The Axiom  (Trick Shot Tuesday Ep.9)

– I’m Zachary Fowler and
this is dandelion hunting with a slingshot. (bell clangs) Trick Shot Tuesday. (video rewinds) Slingshot. (snappy music) (yawns) (man whistling) ♪ Oh oh ♪ (man whistling) ♪ Oh oh ♪ ♪ Oh oh ♪ (man whistling) ♪ Oh oh ♪ (man whistling) ♪ Oh oh ♪ (man whistling) ♪ Oh oh ♪ (steam hisses) (bright music) (woman vocalizing) All right, so, we had a great idea for today’s Trick Shot Tuesday, and it wasn’t the dandelions. I was gonna try and do a 120-yard shot at a football field. But it didn’t turn out so good. So if you’re gonna fail, fail big. Check it out. I’m Zachary Fowler. This is 120-yard balloon pop. Oh! Third attempt. All right, got the old slingshot. (slingshot snaps) Gonna head down the other end. (child mumbles) You wanna go home? We’re not ready yet. Come on. Have a little picnic. You can each have one more. (girl burps) (children laugh) The littles are gettin’ restless, but I’m ready to do it now. Let’s see if we can get it. I’m gonna stand right
here on the goal line and try to hit that
balloon on the goal posts all the way down there. This will definitely be the longest shot I’ve ever tried to hit. So we’re gonna move up. All right, 100 yards
now, see what we can do. Recruited Chris to help me,
we’re gonna do shot for shot and see if we can’t take this balloon out. Forget this. (both yelling) (epic music) Are you okay? – I’m okay. – All right, so maybe not 100 yards, maybe 110 inches. I don’t know what that was. – Centimeters maybe. – Centimeters. Well, that didn’t work. Oh well. That was the first time I had ever tried. I thought an 120-yard shot at a balloon wouldn’t be that impossible. And I don’t think it is. I need a stronger band set so I get a flatter trajectory. But we’ll get it for ya in another video. We had fun though, didn’t we? – Yeah, it was a good time. – Now we’re gonna play
a game of slingshot. First person to get to
the word slingshot wins. Choose your weapon. – I choose the cork. Loop tubes. – Loop tubes. All right, let’s do it. – Oh, gonna need this. – All right. What, were you raised in a barn. Close the door. Kids these days, I tell ya. So the other day there
was a million dandelions out here, and like 90% of them blew away. So we had to wait till today to do this. You’re younger, I’ll let you go first. You set up the shot. – Got it, I think I see one already. Dandelion right here. – Nice. Boom! – First try? – That was only 20 feet. We’ll keep working our way up something crazier as we go. – Oh. We can’t shoot this way. – [Zachary] Why, windows? – Look at the backdrop. I’m not gonna be the one
to take out that window. Shoot for this one. No. – We’re all set up here. I’ll do the same one and
call it still par three. Got him. Second chance at redemption. – No luck. – Got a fun one. I got some of these crackers like we used in one of our other videos, our little firecracker
things that when you hit ’em they go pop. And we’re gonna put one on
the stem of the dandelion. Popper rigged up. Calling this one a par three. Ooh, a miss. Whoo! Got five shots. Ooh. From up in the tree. (monkey screeches) All right. Here we go. Oh! – First try? – [Zachary] There she
is, a little stem cut. So you got a chance to one-up me, pop yours in the fool same place. – This is definitely not an easy shot. Got leaves in the way. Short draw length. – [Zachary] Nailed it. – Caught it. Not an annihilation but. – I got a good idea. Grab the GoPro. We’re gonna do it from
the attic hole next. Attic hole to a yellow
dandelion down below. Nice. So we’re making the rules up as we go. I’m calling this one a par three. And Chris has a handicap of two. So he gets an extra two
shots to make the same thing. Oh! Nailed it. (upbeat music) That was a good one, huh? Let’s see it. – Long shot from the attic. That’s it, taking a letter on that one. – This is more awkward
than I thought it would be. (grunts) Your turn, Chris. – This one. On the roll, so gonna take the pouch off. Nicked it. – That was first try, right? – Yeah, that counts. You didn’t call the roll though, so I don’t have to do that, do I? – Oh. (Zachary groans) That wasn’t very smooth. (groans) I can’t even focus on the shot. You got me on that one, I got a letter. I’m taking a letter, I’m
not doing that again. I don’t care if it was a par two. – It’s gonna be a par
three wood-line shot. – [Zachary] Got it. – Just barely. – What was that, on the third shot too? Third shot. Got it. (man barking) – [Man] Are you kidding me? – Ah! – [Zachary] All right, par two. – [Chris] Got a hanging
dandelion right there. – First try. – [Chris] Nailed it. Nicked it. – First try, this one’s for Steve Jobs. – Oh, first shot. Oh, first shot! – Ah! – Going frame-less, par three. Whoa, got it in two. (Chris mumbles) Nice. All right, through the barn. It’s like 47 feet, par five. I’d say. – [Chris] Nice. – It certainly was not first try. – Ah. Good thing I called it par five. (laughs) – It’s gonna be a letter. – Calling this one trading slingshots. Par three. (imitates slingshot snapping) There we go. (laughs) Ooh, tucked it. Nice! Awesome shot. That was a good one. (rollicking music) – Left hand. – [Zachary] Nice. Aw, you got me on that one. (rollicking music) This could be it, the final round. I am still a good number of letters away from slingshot. But Chris is s-l-i-n-g-s-h-o. So I am gonna give him a tough one. And call it par three. The spinning-around-the-pool moving shot. Boom! There we go, got it in two. Your turn, Chris. (laughs) – [Chris] I’m done. Slingshot, that’s it. Zach wins. – All right. That was done with the Torque
at the bottom of the pool and the Axiom Ocularus, with one of my favorite warrior pouches, the Navy SEAL double-laminated. Thanks for watching. Boom! All right, guys, if you’d like to be in one of my Trick Shot
videos, do a trick shot, make a YouTube video,
link me in the title, Fowler Challenge, and I’ll put you in in one of my Trick Shot videos like I did the one a week ago. And you can do it with anything you want. Just make sure it’s a YouTube video. I’ve also started a new series called How to Shoot a Slingshot. You can see in the playlist, there are unlisted videos
that are only accessed through the playlist or the
How to Shoot a Slingshot page on my website. Fowlersmakeryandmischief.com. See them there if you wanna learn. There’s gonna be a lot of lessons there. And if you leave your
comments on the videos of what you’re struggling with I’ll make videos specific
on each of those things. Thanks for watching, guys. I’ll see you guys next time. Fowler out. – That was the best thing ever. – [Zachary] Those first-try clips come from Braille Skateboarding, my new favorite YouTube channel. Ah!

100 thoughts on “120 Yard Shot With A slingshot, An Entire Football Field With The Axiom (Trick Shot Tuesday Ep.9)

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    And How long do the rubber bands last?
    Want go get one myself one day for my 2 sons and myself.
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  4. pickle juice is the best. pickle pops in the summer are even better. i was given a wrist rocket for xmas, as a semi serious gag gift, because we have groundhogs and armadillos tearing up our yard. well, i decided to get an axiom to learn on first after watching your tutorials and watching you shoot for a while. I don't understand what the different pouches mean, though?

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