100 VETOA! – Ilaripro

100 VETOA! – Ilaripro

Hey guys! I hope you’re doing well. Many of you have started school lately. Remember to keep your eyes open there and be a good friend to others. Today I’m going to take 100 shots as a practice. I haven’t kicked any balls yet, so I’m starting from zero. 100 shots Can’t be true. The first shot of the day. I warm up before shooting, but I still like to take it easy with the first shots. Just to get a good feeling on the ball. Those were the first 10 shots. I don’t think I missed any shots, can’t remember. Well, quite good anyways. That’s 1/10 of hundred. Quick mafs. Now I’ll risk it a bit more and shoot from further distance. 25 shots done. 1/4. Unfortunately I didn’t hit the top bins. I’ll move to the right side now. Who knows this? Cristiano Ronaldo has hit one of the best free kick ever from here. Which team did he play for and who did they play against? Now when shooting from further distance, I’m lacking relaxiness and I’m trying to shoot with too much power. Especially because before this session I hadn’t been shooting for 3 weeks because of holidays. I guess I should’ve concentrated only on the technique. I still got some good movement on the ball and hit a couple of nice shots. That was okay. I didn’t like shooting from there, so I’ll move even more to the right. The target is the left corner. Driven shots and curves. Hopefully I can hit better goals from here. I’m confident with that kind of curve shots. If other techniques don’t feel good, I can always trust the curve. The driven shot can be difficult if the technique isn’t on point and I’m shooting with a lot of power. Then the contact on the ball is often bad and the balls won’t fly straight. There I hurt my left foot a bit. If that happens, take it easy for a while and see if there’s something wrong. Luckily I was okay and good to go again. 75 shots done now. I don’t think I should go any further from the goal at this point. My legs are starting to feel a bit sore at this point. I’ll shoot the last 25 shots from outside of the box. I just try to hit the top bins. From the distance the balls should go just where you want to. You can see that I’m much more relaxed when I’m shooting from this close. I’m unconsciously thinking that there’s no need to use a lot of power so the technique also looks better. That was an okay session. Maybe 3/5 if I had to rate it. Good shots every now and then, but also a lot of bad ones. My technique wasn’t the best today, but it’s easy to get back. That’s all for today. Thanks for watching, see you next time. Bye!

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  1. Nättii olla taas kentäl pikku kesäloman jälkee😎Heittäkää videolle peukku, jos haluutte lisää tällasii videoit!👍

  2. Tosi positiivinen Fiilis sulla, välittyy tosi hyvin tänne toiselle puolelle! Itse en futista enään pelaile, mutta nämä sun videot ovat mielenkiintoa täynnä! Kiitos.

  3. Cristiano ronaldo pelas sillo Manus ja vastassa oli Portsmouth ite oon kyllä Messi fani mutta kyllä se ronaldoki tehny aika moisia vapareit

  4. Ronaldo pelas 196 ottelua manussa ja teki yhden hattutempun ja Teemu pukki kaksi valioliiga ottelua norwichin paidassa ja nyt jo yksi hattutemppu

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