9 thoughts on “#1 Profitable Betfair Trading Football Strategy

  1. Talking about the back to lay trade for front runners, Aidan o Brien is known to quite regularly to let his second string(The outsider) lead for a fair bit of the race if he only has 2 runners and his 2nd string is a big price it might be worth considering backing it before the off and laying it in play, ive noticed this happen quite a few times i think he does it because it helps his favourites run better. He is the only trainer i know that does this then again i havent been watching racing for a good while now so i dont know if he still does that, also seem to not a cashout though in short races i got my cashout rejected 3 times before.

  2. Are you only trading on the selected matches if there is decent action in the game, ie. shots on target etc, or do you just trade regardless? Thanks.

  3. in your list of 15 games theres only 2 that usually score after 30 minutes, i can see the logic in your selection process, none on the list have an average 1st goal time before 20 minutes so would that be a better 1st entry point

  4. Hello, thanks for the video. Could you clear up something on the filters for those of us that don't have access to your stats database please? I have a question about all 4 of the filters if you don't mind?

    1)/2) when you say last 5 games for home/away did you mean last 5 home/away in league, last 5 total in league (literally each team's last 5 games home OR away), or either of those with cup games included too?
    3) is the average first goal time an average of both teams' average goal time (ie. add them together and divide by 2), an average of both teams' first goal SCORED average, or something else? And is this season data or just from last 5 games?
    4) When you say over 3.0, is that inclusive of 3.0, or OVER 3.0, and is this again, goals SCORED by both teams' averaged, their TOTAL average goals per game averaged, or something else? Again is this season data or just from last 5 games?

    Many thanks in advance.

  5. Hello. This strategy isn't profitable for long therm! In september with this strategy you/we are with big LOSS! I am telling you this based on your scanner from your site!

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