1-on-1 Football Contest – Red Bull Wanna Panna 2013 Kuwait/الهاجري يحتفظ بلقب, ريد با وانا بانا

1-on-1 Football Contest – Red Bull Wanna Panna 2013 Kuwait/الهاجري يحتفظ بلقب, ريد با وانا بانا

I managed to win a game in the qualifier and qualified for the final event. Wait for me in the final. Last time I took first position. I hope I reach the finals and win again. Today’s games are very difficult. The competition is very strong and we did not expect this level. The championship was nice and well organized. I was not lucky in the final. Congratulations to the winner. I was playing to score goals rather than panna but thankfully I managed to take 2nd place. This is the 2nd time I participated and won. I already won in the first Red Bull Wanna Panna. Hopefully I will take the 1st place in the 3rd version of the wanna panna and prove that I am the best panna player in Kuwait.

99 thoughts on “1-on-1 Football Contest – Red Bull Wanna Panna 2013 Kuwait/الهاجري يحتفظ بلقب, ريد با وانا بانا

  1. Has anyone else noticed Red Bull doesn't even attempt to sell their product anymore; it's kinda amazing from a marketing standpoint.

  2. @theeternaltimetravel it IS football NOT soccer the game was NOT invented by yanks so yanks do NOT have the primal age of choosing what it is called

  3. I agree. The only commercials actually advertising the product were the pencil drawings and those were around 5 years ago.

  4. I think it was looked down upon because it was advertised to kids. (Use of cartoon). They do product placement, they want the image of extreme. That's why you see their logo at a lot of sports events.

  5. They don't need to anymore – EVERYONE knows all about Red Bull. They've made they're company so prevalent and awesome that they don't need to advertise their product anymore. 😀

  6. its the facade the company has created. I think the thing that originally made red bull cool was that they only sponsored the best of the best, and the gear was all kept to strictly atheletes and employees.

  7. "Marketing" – videos like this. It's marketing but…well it's more like entertainment than advertisement.

  8. What the fuck is soccer? You play Football with your foot and you play it with a ball. American football should be called handegg because you only use hands and you play it with an egg formed thing

  9. Well they really don't have to anymore, they have built a reputation of doing incredible events, and people already know if they like the actual drink or not.

  10. Maybe it's you. Look at the other commenters. Well honestly, some people agree with you, but some people seem to have enjoyed watching this. My point is that you don't enjoy the sport football, but you do enjoy other Redbull sports. Consequently, this is boring to you.

  11. If they're not attempting to sell their product. Then why are they testing trialing new flavors for their Energy Drinks? Seems like something to me.

  12. Wow. You must be the first person that's ever raised this naming issue. Good question, i'll have MENSA and MiT's best and brightest look into it. Well spotted, and thanks for sharing.

    Got any more wisdom where that came from?

  13. Soccer was originally a British nickname for football. The name only stuck in the US, however, because the name "football" was already being used for the American sport.

  14. This isn't new there's been loads of things like this check out panna knockout. This is just red bulls crap version with loads of Arabs, what's that about

  15. It's true. Why come up with new argument? no need for one. Now go play handegg like the rest of the kids

  16. haha this is lame. it would be better if they were doing ufc while trying to score at the same time. now thatd be cool

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  18. Heey Guyz im Wahab Fs i take the 3rd place in this event add me all and sub to my channel for some skills

  19. It was a fantastic Championship
    I am Talha Almasri I am the 2nd

    To correct I'm from Syria not from Egypt 🙂

  20. Sport – An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others.

    You're welcome.

  21. Association Football was original name for soccer, football and rugby. It was all one sport. In US the word soccer evolved out of Association. You should read up on it sometime. YOu might learn something.

  22. This?. Ahhaah noobs shit grounds play with me I panna all these clowns… Wanna watch panna watch bencok, jeand, Nelson, Sean, touba etc lma

  23. the football its a shit of sport….
    well if that is called sport
    the real sport and the more beauty in the world is the BASKETBALL!!!!! that really is a wonderful and beauty sport

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