#1 Football: Key Elements, the Clock, the Field, the Ball – Gina’s Got Game – by The Glam Fan

#1 Football: Key Elements, the Clock, the Field, the Ball – Gina’s Got Game – by The Glam Fan

I love football and even though I’m a
girl I probably know as much about the game as most men. Thanks for watching the latest episode of
Gina’s Got Game, where I guide girls through the
intimidating World of Sports. Thanks for watching our series on football.
Make sure not to miss a single episode and please, share all of them with a
girlfriend. On this episode of Gina’s Got Game I’d like to go over a few key elements of
the game. First, the object of a football game, which is for one team to score more
points than their opponent before time expires. Now, professional
football game is divided into four, fifteen-minute
quarters – for a total is 60 minutes. But, because of things like time outs, stops in
play, breaks for TV commercials – a football game
is closer to two-and-a-half to three hours from beginning to end. Now, here’s a football, because of its
shape it can soar through the air like a
torpedo when thrown and it cradles nicely in your arm, so easy to
run with. But, if you drop it, this same shape makes it
unpredictable, causing it to bounce every which way, and
it becomes very difficult to pick up – and if this gets wet it
becomes super slippery. These white things here, these are called the laces and they’re
real important. They help a football to spiral when thrown, which means to corkscrew
through the air. A corkscrew is what keeps the ball on
track and gives it accuracy. Without a good
spiral a football won’t reach its target. As
well, the laces also help control the direction
of the ball when kicked by a kicker. The kicker prefers to
have the laces out which means pointing forward. If for
some reason laces are like this or like this, that can alter the
direction of the football, causing it to go off
course. Okay, so let’s get familiar with the football field. The field of play is a hundred yards long and it 50 yards wide. You’ll notice in the center the field is the 50-yard line, that’s also called mid-field. From mid-field, the yards count
down in both directions… 40, 30. 20, 10,… until they reach the goal line, which is
the entrance to the scoring areas, known as
the endzones. And are marked by these orange things called the pylon. Now, the endzones are 10 yards deep, so they add an extra 10
yards to each end of the football field. The giant
yellow pole at the back of each endzone, they’re called the
goalposts and they’re used for field goals and
extra points. The goalposts are much bigger than
they appear on TV. The horizontal bar also known as the
crossbar is 10 feet off the ground. The vertical
posts, which are known as the uprights are
eighteen-and-a-half feet apart and stand thirty feet tall. These little
guys, they’re called hash marks and they mark one yard increments. I talk a lot about half
marks in my other videos. This white line surrounding the football
field – this marks the out of bounds or out of play territory. Make sure you
watch my other videos where I talk about offense, defense,
touchdowns, penalties, field goals… you name it. Thanks for
watching. I love this. I’m always wanted to share my passion
for football with other girls. I hope you’re enjoying this as much as I am. Be sure to click on the link below to
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watching, and until next time see you at the game.

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