🔮 Jo Sees does a tarot reading for the All Blacks vs Springboks 🔮| The Spinoff

🔮 Jo Sees does a tarot reading for the All Blacks vs Springboks 🔮| The Spinoff

(mellow music) – Using the powers the
cosmos has gifted to me, I’m able to divine the
outcomes of sporting matches, restaurant openings, and political events. I am a real psychic, please don’t try to prove otherwise. Hi there, today we’re
doing a tarot reading for the All Blacks versus
Springboks game this Saturday. It’s the All Blacks’ first
game of the Rugby World Cup. And we need to know what happens, because I’ve got bets on Sportsbet. So, what we’ve done here
is lay out a reading for the All Blacks versus the Springboks. Here we have the All Blacks pile. This is gonna indicate who
they are, in this game. And what I’ve done is,
I’ve buried this pile in Eden Park for the past 12 hours. So, it’s really got their scent on it. And the Springboks pile is
one that I put in front of a 10 hour Nelson Mandela YouTube video, that’s got that essence right in there. What I’m going to do
now, is flip these over and show us the general
spirit of the game, before we get into the timeline. First, let’s look at the All Blacks. The World. This is a fantastic card. The World means that
you’ve gone on a journey. And you’ve succeeded. This means the All Blacks are gonna win, straight up, I don’t need to see the
rest of this reading. Let’s continue and see just how poorly the Springboks
will compare to this. The Star. Now, The Star is really interesting, because it looks like it
could be a positive card. It’s not. The Star indicates loss and abandonment, which could be an implication that the Springboks’ coach has
let them down somehow. I’m just saying, that’s a possibility. Maybe turn your hatred there. Let’s look at the timeline of events, because we know now that the
All Blacks are going to win, the Springboks are going to lose, but how is that going to happen? The cards can tell us. The Seven of Pentacles. So, the Seven of Pentacles
represents not just loss, as was indicated here, but actually theft. And what that means,
is that the All Blacks are cheating again. That’s gonna be great for the All Blacks, long run in the game, but it is going to look
really bad for them. There we go, middle of the game. Here we have the 10 of Pentacles. This is great. This indicates material
gain by a family. And we can consider the
All Blacks our family, or at least I can, as a patriot. Halftime, I’m gonna say at
least a 20 point margin ahead. End of the game, most exciting one. How’s it all gonna tie up? And we have, ah, isn’t that nice? Got the Seven of Swords. Almost every time I’ve pulled
this card, it’s a proposal. That’s right. Someone’s gonna get
proposed to at this match. Is it gonna be you? All up, this is a fantastic
reading for us, fellas. It’s really good. The boys are gonna win. One word of warning, we will win by a lot. But the problem is the
refs in future games are gonna be looking for cheating. We’re gonna get a lot of criticism, probably from the international community. So, my one word of advice
to the boys in black, we need to be a bit sneakier. You’re not Richie McCaw,
you need to try harder. Thank you very much, for
attending my tarot reading and if I can give one word of advice to all the viewers out there. Don’t listen to the herald
psychic, she’s a hack. (mellow music)

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