🔥MBAPPE vs NEYMAR vs CAVANI: Football Challenges!🔥

🔥MBAPPE vs NEYMAR vs CAVANI: Football Challenges!🔥

Footballer Challenges! Mbappe vs Cavani vs Neymar! Dizzy Penalty Challenge Hey, I’m first No way, I’m first I’m first, it’s in my contract Well I’m the oldest Well I’m the most expensive Come on Edison – let Neymar go first Oh, stop sucking up to him, Kylian You kiss-ass… Okay, Edison… You can go first… Really? Yes hat’s the most mature thing you’ve done since you moved here. Well done. Remember though… …it’s dizzy penalties. I know So it’s time to get dizzy! AHAHAHAH! Get off me, you bully! You’ll damage my follicles! You jealous noodle headed son of a female dog!!! Okay… ARGHHHHHHAHAHAHA!!! Shut up, Tarzan! Round abandoned! Neymar issued with a verbal warning for unsporting behaviour WHAT?! The Passing Challenge Whoever lets the ball drop loses a point Okay I’m ready… Pass it to me… Ready… Come on, this isn’t piggy in the middle… Guys, I know you are suddenly besties But pass it to me… GUYS! Actually, if they don’t pass to me I won’t lose this round! Minus one point for Cavani Yes! What?! This is bullying. The Goal Celebration Challenge YES!!! YES!!! What are you doing? 1 – you haven’t scored a goal … just like the Lyon game …and 2 – you’re copying my celebration No! I’ve come for your help. What? Neymar has super-glued my hands to my armpits Not again… Round abandoned, Neymar issued with a yellow card for cheating What? The Fifa Challenge What the hell is this? It’s FIFA 97. This is the only FIFA I’ve ever played… It looks like Minecraft… I’m not playing this… Oh please… I’ll play FIFA 99… …you can dive on that one at least No way! I won’t stand a chance Then you’re disqualified Fifa 19 it is! And I’m not playing the No Rules mode. It will remind me of playing Mexico at the World Cup. It’s France 0 Brazil 0. Mbappe sprints through… NO! GOAL! Mbappe is through again! No! GOAL! 2-0! Mbappe is through for the hattrick! NO! GOAL! 3-0! Mbappe is through again! NO! GOAL! 4-0! Mbappe has scored 4 in 14 minutes! Yes! FIFA bullshit! My team was more anonymous than you were against Liverpool! You’re such a hypocrite! You’re trolling is out of control… The Mannequin Challenge Mbappe is out! 6 hours later… Oh come on Wonder Woman, just give up! I want to get home at some point tonight! You cheaty-weaty! Who’s that then?! It’s a cardboard cutout I knew it. There’s no way you could stay on your feet that long! Tragic Haircut Challenge WHAT?! WHAT?! One point to Mbappe and Neymar! WHAT?! Yet more bullying. My hair isn’t tragic! This isn’t your haircut I chose Kim Kardashian Really? Yes And I’m Demi Levato. Oh… She’s my hero. Oh, I mean, heroine. Oh, sorry, I thought you were being mean about my hair again The Sprint Challenge AH! AH! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Revenge is oh so sweet! Never! Argh!!!!!!! ARGH! OW! TARZAN FOULED ME! RED CARD! RED CARD! The jungle dwelling dick! ARGH!!! One point to Neymar! Yes! The Decider! Which is… Can I suggest a challenge for the decider… Er… Sure… The SIGN FOR REAL MADRID CHALLENGE! Well that’s you out, Edison Starting, now What’s the matter Edison? They’re just so mean to me all the time Aw… And they never pass to me anymore Aw… And whoever writes this script takes the pee out of me all the time… Ah… Erm… Come here You’re my favourite out of MCN Really? Yes Why? Well, you score great goals Yes You don’t take any crap of noodle-head Yes And… And you like my hair? And… I… like your hair… Thanks! …colour In fact, you can have five bonus points! Really?! What for? For putting up with those two and whichever meanie writes this script Oh thanks Dean… it means a lot CAVANI WINS!

100 thoughts on “🔥MBAPPE vs NEYMAR vs CAVANI: Football Challenges!🔥

  1. Which Goalkeeper are you?
    1. Thibaut Courtois
    2. Manuel Neuer
    3. Ter Stegen
    4. Keylor Navas
    5. Gianluigi Buffon
    6. Ederson Moraes
    7. Alisson Becker
    8. David De Gea
    9. Kepa Arizzabalaga
    0. Van Der Sar

    Last like digits on this comment so that is your character as a GK

  2. Please 442oons make avedio Q&A with cavani and I will will ask cavani 2 questions : cavani why you don't change your hair style, and who do you prefer neymar or mbappe. And thank you so much

  3. Neymar como le pagara el cabello a cabani 👍👍👍👍👍👍⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽🎆🎇❇✨⚽👍🍕🌭🍔🍐🍉🍌🍊🍎🍇🏠🏡🎧🎙🎸🏳🏳🇧🇷🇲🇽 8,13

  4. Anyone realise that it was 2-2-0 Then neymar and mbappe did the first to sign to madrid then it ended 3-2-5 so mbappe signed to madrid

  5. You know the drill

    3:Luis Figo
    4:Roberto Carlos
    8:Ronaldo (the old Ronaldo)
    0:lev yashin

  6. You know the drill
    1.🇭🇷 Modric
    8.🇪🇸De Gea

  7. 1 Sergio Ramos
    2 Marcelo
    3 Jordi Alba
    4 Daniel Carvajal
    5 Virgil Van Dijk
    6 Raphael Varane
    7 Diego Godin
    8 Mathijas De Ligt
    9 Dani Alves
    10 Gerard Pique

  8. Last like number you get is- yeah no we don't do that stupid spam here, the top comments are absolutely cancerous.. 🗿👎

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