– Today is game day
number two for this dude right back here. Say what’s up, Tayden. – What’s up, guys? – [Josh] And here’s some
of his biggest fans. Say hello, biggest fans. – Hello.
– Hello. – So we’re just headed to Tayden’s second game of the season. Some of my family’s gonna be there to cheer Tayden on. We’re excited for that. Also, today is the holy war. Tayden, what’s the holy war? – BYU versus Utah Utes. – That’s right, BYU,
Brigham Young University football team versus
Utah Utes football team. And that’s always been
one of the best rivalries in college football, and
we’re rootin’ for who, guys? – BYU!
– BYU! – BYU!
– BYU! – BYU!
– BYU! – Go Cougars! We also have some other fun
events goin’ on this weekend. We’re celebrating my nieces’
birthdays in our family. So let’s get this party started! (kids cheering) (soft music) (whistle blows) – [Josh] You got Tayden at QB. Nice throw, Tayden! Go, go, go, go! (whistle blows) – [Man] Let’s go, Carson.
– [Woman] Go, Carse! – Woohoo!
– Got it, kid! – [Josh] Way to be, Carson. Good job, Tayden. Way to block. (whistle blowing) Way to be, Tayden! Tayden. (chuckling) – You see that fist pump action? – [Josh] Yeah. What’s up? Hey, hello. Hello, everybody. Thanks for comin’, best fans ever. Hey, way to be out there, dude. Good throws. Run! (whistle blows) Good job, Tade, buddy. Give Tayden a hug. Say, good job Tade. Give Tayden a hug, buddy. – Brock, stop playing Pokemon Go. – [Josh] Good job, yay. Tayden’s all sweaty. Gross, guys. It’s gross. Hi, Christina. – Hey. – [Josh] You look so pretty. – Oh, thanks. – Good job. Guys, we just got done with
Tayden’s football game, and he did awesome.
– Awesome. Hey, and guess what, the second half, I was out on the field coaching. I didn’t have my camera
off like I was supposed to, so we missed your almost touchdown run. – Yeah. – Dude, he ran like 50 yards. He almost scored a touchdown, huh? – Yeah, but then I got pulled. But then I also pulled a ton
of flags in the fourth quarter. – Oh, yeah, you did, too. – Stuffed ’em. – And so, unfortunately,
I didn’t give the camera to somebody to record, and I
feel, aw, I wish I would’ve. I’m sorry, dude. – It’s okay. – I’ll be better next time. But we did our special
quarterback keep play when Tayden was quarterback, and he almost scored a touchdown. He was only a couple yards
out, and the fastest kid on the other team barely
caught up and dove and barely grabbed Tayden’s flag. – Yeah. – If not, he would’ve
had a TD, but did you see those ones earlier that he threw? Yeah, I recorded those, buddy. Good job, keep it up. So we’re at this place. It’s a dinosaur museum, it’s
where my niece Brittney wants to go for her birthday, and
so we’re all meeting up here. Let’s go check out some dinosaurs. Look at that. That’s pretty cool. Hi. No, look at me. Don’t look at the light, look at me. Hi. – Hi. – [Josh] This is your birthday weekend. What are we doing? – We’re going to the dinosaur museum and we might eat cake maybe. – [Josh] We might eat cake
and celebrate your birthday? – Yeah. – [Josh] How old are you? Wait, when’s your birthday officially? – Next Thursday. – [Josh] Next Thursday? But how old are you turning? – 13. – [Josh] 13? Tayden, do you think these guys should all wish Brittney happy birthday? – Yeah. – Yeah. Guys, go leave a comment below. Say, “Happy birthday, Brittney.” 13 years old. She’s gonna be a teenager. – No, I don’t wanna be a teenager. – No, well, too bad. You’re gonna be an
awesome teenager, though. We almost have this
entire place to ourselves. That’s pretty cool. At these big old longnecks. Holy cow. I can’t even imagine if
they were really that big. So cool. This is our famous dinosaur here in Utah. In fact, it’s called, it’s called a what? – Utahraptor. – A Utahraptor? That’s our famous Utahraptor. I sure am glad that they’re extinct. I would hate to have to
worry about one of these out in the wilderness. In fact, I wouldn’t spend
much time in the wilderness if these still existed. I mean, look at it. Its hand is huge. Claw. Like look how easily my hand
would go right in its mouth, and it would chomp my hand off. Ah. Walk around like you’re a Utahraptor. (Josh chuckling) (children growling) (Josh making beatbox noises) (Josh chuckling) You can get kids to do
just about anything. – [Brittney] Watch this, ready? – [Josh] Yeah, we’re watchin’ it. – [Brittney] See if I can do it, ready? – [Josh] K, break it down, break it down. Whoa, break dancing at
the dinosaur museum. – Just use my… – Oh! – Watch this. – [Josh] It’s a dance off. We’re havin’ a dance off. Nice. Oh, yeah. Sweet move. Whoa. (Josh roaring) Michaela, meet the dinosaur. (Josh chuckling) Brock, don’t get kicked by the dinosaur. Don’t get kicked by
the dinosaur, Brooklyn. Oh no, he’s gonna step on ya. Natalia, have you ever
been kicked by a dinosaur? Michaela, you just got
kicked by a dinosaur. See if you can dig to find a dinosaur. Natalia’s over here burying a whole bunch. Oh, you found one. Oh, that one’s Huddysaurus. That’s my favorite. Hey, did you find a Brittneysaurus? And a Taydensaurus? Oh, that one’s my favorite. That’s a brachiosaurus. That one right there. Okay, we’re gonna step on the dino scale. All you kids go up there and
let’s see how heavy you are. Okay, so, we’re at 340 pounds. – Get on!
– Get on, Josh. – [Josh] You guys think I’m
heavier than a dinosaur? (kids yelling) Oh, we broke it. We maxed it out, there’s no more to go. – Guys, we weigh more than a T-Rex. – T-Rex is approximately
500 pounds times 25. That’s 25 times that. Watch out for the T-Rex! (crashing footsteps) (dinosaur roaring) Man. (children roaring) Definitely one dinosaur I never
want to meet in real life. For reals. Oh, cousin piggy back rides. (Josh chuckling) Natalia is so tired. Her legs hurt. Oh, now Tayden’s legs hurt. Look how strong Talia is. Hey Natalia, whose birthday’s in two days? – Mine. – [Josh] Yours? How old are you turning? – Eight. – [Josh] You’re so old, give me five. – Look at the garfish. – [Josh] Hey, guess what? Who’s gettin’ baptized in a couple weeks? – Me. – You. You’re so cute, I love you. (scary music)
(screaming) This is pretty funny, because
one time we came here, and I can’t remember if it was Tayden, I think it was Tayden, he
sat on this little railing right here and he fell back
and smacked his head on this, which is solid. – [Child] Who? – Tayden did. Remember that, when you fell
back and smacked your head? And now they put the fence up, because I bet a lot of
kids have done that. Natalia, don’t fall back, gosh. Who would like to meet a real
shark like that in real life? – Not me!
– Not me! – [Josh] You would. – I’d like to see it but not like meet it. – [Josh] Not its food? You wanna see it but not be its food? – Yeah. – [Josh] Okay, everybody, look at me. Everybody be like, “Jaws!” – Jaws! – Like, “Ahhhh!” Now like you’re scared,
Brittney, hold your hands out. (Josh and kids screaming) Holy mammoth! – Dad, look. That guy’s really weird. He’s like– (Tayden yelling) – Maybe he’s laughing while he’s doing it. He’s like this. (laughing and yelling) – Holy mammoth! – [Josh] Oh, that’s cute. Guys, did you see this? Did you see that? – What is it? – It’s a baby mammoth. Is he choking you? – [Brittney] I find that cuter than– – [Tayden] It’s gonna kill me! – [Josh] Oh, Tayden, get down. I don’t want you to die. It’s a baby wooly mammoth. Is that cute? Do you want to pet baby mammoth? – It’s a baby one. – [Josh] Aw, look how
little that thing is. It’s so cute. I want one for a pet. Natalia, who’s here? – Nix. – Nixon’s here. What’s up, Macaroni and Cheese Face? You got cheese all over it, say, “Ooh.” This is the crew. We just got done hangin’
out at the dinosaur museum. Now we’re gonna head to Troy’s house. He’s at his house getting it ready with some stuff for Natalia, so. Okay, let’s go to Huddy’s house. (children roaring) Oh, I’m gonna leave you
mean dinosaurs here. (children roaring) (boy in hat babbling) (boy in hat roaring) Oh yeah. Go Cougars. Go. Hi. Who’s underneath this Cougar hat? It’s Seppy.
– Go, fight, win. Hi, Seppy. Hi, Joanie. – Hey. – And then we got Troy over here. This is his house. Hi, Troy. And then we got the
baby boy that’s wearing some pretty– – [Man] There’s a rip in the butt. – BYU Utes game underway,
here we go, Holy War. – Oh no.
– What? – What?
– You don’t drop it. – Oh wow.
– First 16 seconds. – Wow, pick six right off the bat. Wow. Well, maybe I’m gonna
put my Utes hat on now. – [Woman] He’s in jail. – [Josh] Oh, baby jail. (girl roaring) Oh, watch your mouth, gosh. Those knobs make me so nervous. Hi. Can you do this? (Josh making popping noises) Oh, smacking his face. – You okay? – Oh, come on, scary. Oh, you okay? Are you sad? (baby crying) – He kind of fell a little bit. – [Josh] Grandma’s there. – Boo! Boo! – [Josh] Aw, that’s so cute. Michaela, you do it now. – Boo! – [Josh] No, you don’t have the camera. – Boo! Boo! – Kiss him. Kissy. (girl laughing) – [Josh] Are you getting her? He’s like so proud of himself. Okay, Michaela’s got something to show us. Watch out, buddy. One-handed pushup. One-handed, one-legged pushups. So we’ve taken a break
to play some football and then Natalia is gonna be opening up some birthday presents
and eating some cake. Birthday cake! – It’s my half birthday! – [Josh] It’s your half birthday? – So I get some presents, too. – You do? – Yeah. – You’re gonna get some
grass stains on your butt. Pizza delivery guys! – [Girl] I can carry those. – No, I’m good. – [Josh] Knock knock, we’re home. – Who is it? – [Josh] Go set it on the counter there. – Papa, papa who? – Papa John’s– – [Josh] Hi there, welcome. – Hi there. – Hi. Let’s eat some pizza and cake, folks. Let’s go! Everybody come on, let’s go, let’s go. Pizza and cake, people. Pizza and cake. Pizza and cake. – Pizza! – Pizza.
– Pizza. – Just opening some presents now. Rip it, rip it. More green. – How much is this? – A hundred ones. – [Woman] Eight. – [Man] Eight dollars, ’cause she’s eight. Woo! We’re paying for our Disneyland trip. Woo! Hudson, on Natalia’s
actually his half birthday, so we always give them one gift
each on their half birthday. – Rip it, rip it, rip it. – Rip it, rip it. I’m the only one saying that. – A Build A Bear! Yay! Yay! – [Josh] Yeah, a cheerleader. – Whoa!
– Yay! – [Josh] Hudson, you got a cheerleader. That’s cute. – No, I got a present. – [Josh] Oh, oh. – I got a football player. – She’s turning eight, so
I thought I’d get her one of these, and then I got
Hudson one of these as well. (kids talking over each other) – How is that possible? – [Man] Say, “Grandma, grandma.” – [Josh] Look, what does
it say on the front of it? – It says my name. – [Josh] Let’s see it. – How is this possible? ♫ Scripture power ♫ Keeps me safe from sin ♫ Has the power to win – Do your lips. (huffing) (baby huffing) (Josh laughing) – [Josh] That’s so funny. That’s so funny. ♫ Happy birthday dear Natalia and Brittney ♫ Happy birthday to you – Sing the Chinese way! ♫ Happy birthday dear Brittney ♫ Happy birthday to you – Wait. – [Man] No help from the– (people cheering and clapping) – Smoke alarm. – [Man] Should we do Will? – No, we’re not doing William yet. Why don’t we just cover everybody? So somebody mentioned
doing it for William too, since his birthday is this month. A little premature, but we’re gonna do it. ‘Cause William was like,
“Please, please, please.” – [Man] Will! You’re up, buddy. ♫ Happy birthday to you ♫ Happy birthday to you ♫ Happy birthday little William ♫ Happy birthday to you (people cheering and clapping) Tayden, honey, what’s
goin’ on in the game? Fill us in. – So Taysom Hill just scored a touchdown, but the problem is– – [Josh] Wait, what’s the score though? What’s the score here? – Well, it’s 19-20, and
they’re gonna go for a two. – [Josh] You think so? You don’t know for sure. – Well, yeah, but it seems
like they’re going for a two. – Aw man, 18 seconds left,
and BYU’s got the ball. They’re gonna go for
a two point conversion right now on the PAC. – [Woman] Why are they gonna go– – [Man] Aw, this is stupid. You guys, you gotta kick the field goal. – [Woman] Why did they
not kick a field goal? – [Man] ‘Cause they’ve
been runnin’ so well. It was probably Sitake that called this. – Okay guys, so we left
my brother’s house. We’re not very happy, right Tayden? – No, and I’m tired. – Not happy at all. He’s tired, he’s cranky,
his favorite team just lost. So anyways, guys, that’s
gonna be it tonight from the Dyches fam. It’s Saturday night, and
these kids are still up. It’s way past your bedtime. Go to sleep, Michaela and William. (William babbling) Okay, hold on. William wants me to put the music back on. So anyways, we love you guys and we’ll see you guys tomorrow. Peace out. ♫ Are you gonna find a baby my way ♫ Are we gonna ground it ♫ Are we gonna play ♫ We gonna give it time but never go away ♫ Instead they’re either
black or white but not gray ♫ Are you gonna find a baby my way ♫ Are we gonna grind it
are we gonna bring it ♫ We’re gonna give it
time but never gonna wait ♫ Instead they’re either
black or white but not gray ♫ I say we ask we work ♫ I say we

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