🏆RONALDO vs MODRIC vs SALAH🏆 The Best 2018! (Football Challenges)

🏆RONALDO vs MODRIC vs SALAH🏆 The Best 2018! (Football Challenges)

football challenges ronaldo vs Modric versus salah who will be the best not less water the dribble challenge versus Sergio Ramos 1 points yet [Music] no points [Music] – no points what nail one nail the top been challenged yes one points would get one points Niko [Music] no points little shit correction 1.01 to mourn the ariana grande a challenge to a bishop skearns at ariana grande closest to t boob wins Oh awful swamp a mental defense Quebec Bishop who’s the sympathy is a nasty bite state but we stuck we’ll stop her singing for once my poor do you need an inhaler one-point San Madre chat would put I’m the only one who hit a little tit back one three one the laughs you lose challenge [Music] point tarron Aldo yes virtual Idol you helped me win no pointer Brunello you lacked still 1/3 water modesty challenge mother spirit is for pussies point tamadra chancellor see a point bitch and did not even rub my face in it pussy’s one fall to the final round the key challenge accent Luca will tell the police we thought he was a terrorist oh so am i it’s not like anyone has video evidence of this one point Samos a lot have been called a terrorist concert and the winner is Luka Modric oh wait a minute yes yep ah come on but I’ve already announced it fine bye sorry viewers that was fee fast they informed me that actually Rinaldo wallets apparently if we didn’t let Rinaldo win he wasn’t gonna show up at fee fascist the best ceremony on September the 23rd sorry Luka Luka you won’t be able to go to this ceremony anyway right you’ll be in jail for making a false testimony to Croatian authorities also be in jail for the murder of most hallo who do you want to see in the next football challenges comment below thanks for watching

100 thoughts on “🏆RONALDO vs MODRIC vs SALAH🏆 The Best 2018! (Football Challenges)

  1. ههههههههههههههههههههه ههههههههههههههههههههه صلاح

  2. Müslümanlar için dine hakaret alemde en sinir bozucu ve günah olan şeydir.Siz öbür tarafı bilmiyorsunuz galiba

  3. Can u get salah vs ronaldo vs neymar 1st sprint race challenge 2rd battle ship challenge 3th dribble chalange 4th being a goal challenge 5th GOAL!!!!!! Change 6th raceing cars challenge 7th fighting challenge 8th dresses challenge 9th fifa 2019 challange 10th top bin challenge 11st the kiki challenge 12 rd run to the area 51challenge.

  4. Salah you still won the Champions League but don’t tell Sergio Ramos I am a big fan and Liverpool and I am from Egypt

  5. you know the drill

    good players from shite teams edition


    edit: chelsea and united arent shite…..


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