What’s up, naturals it’s go natural english here with another english lesson for you i am pumped Today, because we’re? Gonna, talk about one of my favorite things in the world soccer or as the rest of the world knows That football yes because the world cup is coming up this is very Important for us to go over? soccer Vocabulary in english as, well as some conversational questions because this is an awesome Time to watch soccer and to talk with other people To, use your english to talk to people from all over the world, who, also love the world cup And who love this sport so one first Little tiny difference between north american english and british english is whether you call this sport soccer as i do because i am? From the united states or if you call it football like most of the rest of the world Also a little difference is whether you talk about games or? Matches are you, gonna watch the game You’re, gonna watch the match it’s the same thing but north americans tend to say Game most often now one thing you may not know About me is i used to play soccer for many years and i also? Coached a woman’s soccer team actually a? High, school, women’s soccer teams so i love soccer try, my favorite sport and i don’t have? That much time to play anymore but i do love it and when i do have time to play i usually play! Defense usually on the right side that’s my spot so We have the positions first of all when we’re talking about vocabulary for soccer the Defense is well defending Against the other team they’re in the back right in front of the goalie or the Goalkeeper a very important position i was always too scared to be goalkeeper because i just yeah i didn’t Want to have that ball flying at me full speed, oh my, gosh, and i’m not the great of catching it better with My feet so anyway i was a defender you Also, have the midfield in middle of the field and the midfielders will defend he’ll Also sometimes go up with the forwards to help get a goal and the you have the forwards as, well and their Main job is to Score goals or like when i watch soccer with my roommates who are from mexico as They, say on those games go oh oh ball Yeah, i think it’s hilarious, okay? So that is also one difference between american soccer games and the rest of the world when you have football games Is will just be like go Anywhere so sometimes we change the way that, we call the Defense in the field and forwards some people will say fullback Halfback, and striker instead of defense midfield and forward those are the same things, okay? let’s talk about actions during the game so to dribble the ball same as in Basketball is when you’re running up the field with the ball you know Little by little and using different parts of your, books off sides is a Violation when an offensive player is passed the ball, when there are no defensive players between That offensive player and the goal so you Don’t want to be offsides if you’re on the Offense if you’re a forward you don’t want to be offsides because then other team is awarded an indirect kick out of Bounds or you might here i would’ve a this is when the ball goes outside the boundaries of the field of the lines a Quarter kick is a kick from the corner of the field, when the ball goes out of bounds last touched, by a defensive player so the Offensive team is gonna be kicking it from the corner a Goal kick is when the goalie gets to kick the ball because it went out of bounds and it was last touched By an offensive player a Throw-in, is when play is restarted after ball goes out of bounds and the team that throws it in is the Opposite team that made the ball go out of bounds shin guards are required for players to wear to protect Their legs the part of the leg between the ankle, and the knee kickoff, is the way of starting or restarting the game at The beginning of the game halftime after goals been scored or if there’s extra time so if a team commits a violation and the other team Would either get a direct or an indirect kick at that time a Direct kick could be directly kicked into the goal whereas an indirect kick needs to be touched By, another player before a goal is scored, we have red cards and yellow. Cards yellow cards are for unsportsmanlike behavior whereas red cards are for serious violations or violent behavior a penalty kick is awarded to the opposing team Inside the penalty area 12 yards in front of the goal so if other team commits an offense then the opposing team Might get a penalty kick a header is when you use your head to head the ball to Advance or deflect the ball Tackling is an attempt successful or not to take the ball, away from another player Using your feet to pass the ball is pretty basic But to use your foot to send the ball to advance it to another Teammate fifa is the governing international body of soccer and they Established the world cup. A fake is to deceive another player or try to deceive them By, moving this, way but then actually passing the ball that way a foul as a violation of the rules rewarded with a free Kick and a free kick is a kick awarded to a. Player, who received A file from the opposing team a shot is an attempt to get a Goal, you could take a shot with your foot or with your head obviously not with Your hands because that would be a hand ball which is not allowed in soccer and the world cup is an International event held, by fifa every four years between the qualifying 32 countries and it is the most watched sporting events in the world So there you have it there’s some vocabulary now, i want to share a few Questions that you could use to start conversations with, other people, who are speaking english we’re watching the game and i want to? Ask, you to listen and to answer in the comments so you ready, okay first are you rooting for or Cheering for or betting on a certain team so in other words, which country or? Which team are you for we could Say cheering for rooting for betting on so tell me in the comments do you have a Favorite player, tell me in the comments have you ever been to a World cup, are you going to this world cup, or where are you watching the world cup, from tell Me in the comments i can’t, wait to see your responses and i can’t wait to see this world cup So, we’ll be watching together thank you for watching this english lesson about soccer and world cup Vocabulary i hope it’s helpful for your english fluency and for you to start a conversation with anyone using english if you Enjoy, these english lessons then you would love getting all my best tips in the english fluency formula ebook Which i wrote for you and you can get a free sample when you click right over There you can, also subscribe to go natural english By clicking right down there make sure that you’re subscribed so you, never miss an awesome lesson, like, this it’s gonna help you with your Fluency vocabulary and grammar and culture and all these fun things together with, me gabby, wallace your english teacher so Also, you can watch another video right down there thank you so much have an, awesome day and an Awesome world cup, talk to you, later bye for now

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