⚽ 🇦🇫Afghanistan defeats 🇵🇰Pakistan in historic football match

⚽ 🇦🇫Afghanistan defeats 🇵🇰Pakistan in historic football match

I went to take a corner kick and placed the
ball on the ground. My teammates were all inside the box. But when I took the corner, it evaded everyone
and went directly inside the left post of the goal. The crowd started shouting and celebrating
and clapping. It has been almost 40 years since Mohammed
Saber Rohparwar scored the winning goal in the last football match between Afghanistan
and Pakistan. Football matches of this magnitude were almost
unheard of. The old stadiums were used for something else
entirely. Sadly, in the past when spectators came to
the stadium to watch the match, instead of football they saw people being hung from goal
posts. But, that now a distant memory, over 6,000
supporters turned out, with many millions more watching live at home, to cheer on their
country and rekindle a famous sporting rivalry. This match means a lot for Afghanistan and
even for both countries; its peace, its friendship message and both countries suffering from
terrorism and this game is a very hope for them. Roared on by a fiercely partisan, yet friendly
crowd, the players took to the pitch. The first goal would be crucial. And after 20 minutes it came. The scorers, Afghanistan. The crowd, ecstatic. At half time, the score was still one-nil. Afghanistan had had the better of the first
half but Pakistan was far from out of it. Judging by the way the Afghan team is playing,
I am sure they will score one more goal. I hope Afghanistan wins, and I am sure they
will. Afghanistan started the second half much how
they finished the first. And it wasn’t long before they scored the
second goal. It was a blow to Pakistan but Afghanistan
saved the very best for last. Their player picked up the ball 25 yards from
the goal and struck an unstoppable screamer into the top left corner. Cue a carnival atmosphere in the crowd. The game was won; Afghanistan, the victors. It ended Afghanistan three Pakistan nil — sparking
jubilant celebrations at the final whistle. I hope this football match improves the relationship
between Afghanistan and Pakistan. And if the football match goes well then little
by little, other teams from both countries will compete together in friendly matches. So definitely, I think it will have an impact
on the political relationship between Afghanistan and Pakistan. There are wild celebrations as Afghanistan
has comfortably beaten close neighbours and fierce rivals Pakistan .
And their hope is that friendly matches like today are a symbol of improving relations
between the two countries. This is Lalage Snow, for the NATOChannel in

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  1. On 20 August 2013, history was made as the national football teams of #Afghanistan  and #Pakistan played a friendly match in Kabul.
    The last match between the two nations was 37 years ago.

  2. chashme bad dooooooooooooooooooooooooooorrrr basha….. We love u all my Afghan peoples…… khadawand mara Sar belond wa Sarferaz dashta basha…. Inshalah

  3. no my brother afganistan is for every one (pakistan is for punjabis)…when ever countries takes tere names……afganistan comes first.

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