⚽️🎄12 Days of Football Christmas 2017🎄⚽️(Parody feat Messi, Ronaldo, Griezmann, Salah and more)


it’s the 12 days of football Christmas let’s do this on the first day of Christmas and the backside on the sixth day of Christmas the anime sent to me six pieces praying five other countries for calling Ken centre-backs by 7/5 Christmas my Truelove came to me seven seasons for calling trans to center-backs five days me somebody said to me calling chance on the ninth day of flattened to me with nine for calling camp who sent the best buy on the tenth day of Christmas I went up for meet a ten thousand nine to standing bodies to consider Rajasthan six pieces praised by the contract for calling trans [Music] Christmas [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hey I also got a transfer to PSG [Applause] click below or I to watch last year’s song to get your 4/4 tunes merchandise or to vote which one of these songs has been your favorite and sadly there won’t be a daily video this year mainly cause me summer might want to see our families but there will still be tons of content to help you enjoy the run-up to Christmas cheerio

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