الكورة فى أوكرانيا | Football in Ukraine – English subtitles

الكورة فى أوكرانيا | Football in Ukraine – English subtitles

Welcome to Ukraine Today we are in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine In front of the Olympic stadium in Kyiv we decided to have another experience and attend this football match between Dynamo Kyiv and Copenhagen from Denmark in the Europa league As we see the supporters are getting ready to get in the stadium Supporters here are so much passionate, so let’s enter and check the matches’ atmosphere here To attend this match we had to book the tickets on Dynamo team website the host team for this match .. it was easy the least ticket price was 3 Euros It was reasonable prices so we chose the 6 Euros tickets the we had to print the tickets to use it now for entering the stadium .. Let’s go Now we passed the security and we shall go find our seats we came to our seats and there is still 15 minutes to the match start and Dynamo fans are so enthusiastic as you can see we will wait and see what happens The match is gonna start now and it’s for the group lead as both teams have already 4 points after two matches and the winner will be the group lead That’s why Dynamo fans are so excited so let’s see unexpected surprise, Copenhagen the guest team scored a goal in the first minute and now it’s 1/0 for Copenhagen Now we are in middle of the first half and Dynamo fans didn’t stop supporting their team but actually the match rhythm isn’t the best so we got pizza and a hot drink for this cold weather Now we are in the break time and the match isn’t so good the second best thing now after the scored goal is that cup of tea as the temperature now is 8-10 degrees and we wait for what happens in the second half if Dynamo will get a draw or there fans will leave disappointed after this exceptional support Now the second half will start and the players are already on the field It’s 54 minutes now and finally Dynamo scored the draw goal and everybody is happy and it seems that the match will get on fire it’s 10 minutes now to the end and the temperature is still 10 but Dynamo fans took off their shirts and became half naked I don’t what the hell they are doing but whatever we continue the 10 minutes and see what to do after So the match final result is 1/1 and I believe it’s fine for both teams and actually the best thing today is Dynamo fans’ spirit but Copenhagen fans were about 200 to 300 and almost did nothing It was a cool experience and I hope you like this video kindly like and share this video and subscribe to the channel to get our next videos and keep travelling together Goodbye

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