У селі Демешківці відкрили новий футбольний майданчик


The Go Play project in Prykarpattia region The village of Demeshkivtsi now has a new field where local boys and girls can play football. That happened thanks to the partner project of the DTEK company, local authorities and the Shakhtar FC. A total of 3,500 boys and girls in different Ukrainian towns and villages have received an opportunity to play football together over the years of existence of the Go Play project. The Segodnya team has found out that the new fields appeared where enterprises of the energy company are located. Nataliya Farmus saw what else but the field the kids received These kids could only dream about playing football on a field with a modern artificial carpet. It is comfier here, and we can gather a team, there are more of those who want to play now, to play football… and we like it. Vlad’s friends are playing with him on the new field. Before, the boys played where they could. Now they have a professional volunteer coach. We already have about 20 children. That is only the beginning. I believe we will have up to 40 of them. I hope. Girls have not joined yet. But if we work well, visit schools, talks to parents, I think we will have more kids. Demeshkivtsi has become the 28th population center to join the Go Play project. That is a joint initiative of the DTEK company and the Shakhtar FC. The kids now have not only the field but also all necessary equipment and balls. They had not had any stadium at all. Some people I know told me the lights here were out only at 1 a.m. yesterday. Adults also play here. However, our major goal is to attract children, pull them away from their gadgets and bring them outside to make the nation healthier. The local community has tried to repair local stadium since last year. They did only a part of the job. The whole project was completed thanks to the financial support of DTEK. Last year, there was a state project, we were taking part in it. And this year, we along with the Burshtynska TPP completed this project. The money came from the local fund and of course the Burshtynska TPP provided big money as well. This is the third field opened thanks to the support of the DTEK Burshtynska TPP in the Halytskyi district. Three more field of this type are to be opened here in several weeks. Nataliya Farmus, Taras Ivankiv from Ivano-Frankivsk region. Segodnya, TV Channel Ukraine.

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