Как устроен рынок бутс NIKE?

Как устроен рынок бутс NIKE?

Nike brand releases annually
hundreds of different types of football shoes and for most
football players sort out in variety pretty
not so easy. I’ll tell you right now.
about technical and marketing chips of all silhouettes of boots
Nike relevant to this moment. What is produced, the difference,
for whom and for how much. We will understand the question thoroughly! But before you begin,
remind you that partner our channel is
company Marathon Beth, which America’s Cup favorite
considers the national team of Brazil! Although I am after Neymar injury
I already doubt it. What do you think? I will leave the link below, and
now let’s get started! general information
In general, a video about the market boots we figured it out
in that brands are classified football shoes for such
structure: silhouettes, level, sole type, color collection. If you have not seen that video
– be sure to look I will leave a link to it
in description. NIKE has 4 main
silhouettes that have visual and technological
differences: Mercurial, Phantom Vision, Phantom Venom, Tiempo. All kinds of Nike boots are positioned.
differently, dividing the market into segments because people
many and each of us shoe requirements may
differ. This is the width of the foot, and preferred
type of material and weight and so Further. Each silhouette is produced
in several variants which differ friend
from each other in terms of professionalism – and this is the difference in technology
and price tag. The brand makes it very clear
designations of these subspecies : Elite – the most top, Pro – semi-professional,
Academy – amateur, Club – for newbies In addition, each level
Available in various types soles under any cover
– hence the diversity types of boots. Now I will tell about all
silhouettes in detail! Nike Mercurial – The HYIP
silhouette. It’s simple – the model is very
long been on the market and excellent proved itself, plus
it promotes almost main star nike cristiano
Ronaldo, as well as many other cool players
like Azar or Neymar. Mercurial is advertised as
shoes for fast football players and their chip is small
weight is the lightest boots Nike. Silhouette itself is divided into two
subspecies that differ from each other in one detail:
Superfly – with sock in the area Ankle and Vapor – without it
– and at all levels. For 19 year the 6th part is relevant
superflies and 12 vapors – number means generation
silhouette that changes about once every 1.5 – 2 years. Mercurial is suitable for football players
with narrow and medium width foot, with the previous
The generation of boots was already. Another Mercurial chip is
separate sole – this technology appeared like
time with last update silhouette. Model for professionals
Elite is the most advanced since a bunch of different benefits:
This is the top of FlyKnit by technology. 360, which kind of covers
your foot and gives smart landing is the coolest
the sole version is internal frame for depreciation,
as well as technology All Condition Control for good reference
ball in bad weather. In the Superfly version is present
sock on the ankle which became shorter on request
Cristiano Ronaldo. In previous generations
he just cut it. Professional Mercurial
Available in 5 types of soles: for dry fields with plastic
thorns, for synthetics, with “Glands”, as well as
centipedes and zalok. Shoes with iron spikes
has a single cast sole for EXTRA strength,
although professional football players sometimes get
SG version with separate plates. This is an exclusive. Elite Superfly cost 18990 rubles,
and Vapor – 16490. Next comes the version with the name
Pro which is actually semi professional level. Price tag boots with sock almost
12 thousand, and without it 9k. The price difference with Elite is quite
justified, because the “stuffing” boots made easier: more
tight top and otstutstvie textures make sense
ball a little worse more simplified sole affects your
movement. But some top chips
models left: this is internal frame and All Condition Control. In terms of price / quality
many guys think it is PRO version is the most optimal. In the Academy version for amateur footballers
from top tech nothing not left – boots are made
from cheaper materials to lower the price tag – they
being sold at a price around 6 thousand. The top is even denser,
than in pro version, outsole also became more budget
although it still remains separate. It is worth noting that in boots
Academy versions of almost all silhouettes Nike applies a hybrid
type called MG (Multiground) is a mixture of ordinary plastic
and round spikes for dry natural lawns and synthetics. In addition to MG labeling are available.
also versions with iron spiked, for hall and centipede. Well, the most budget level
Mercurial costs about 5 thousand and only looks like
Pro models. Even a separate sole
does not apply here. Full table of differences
versions in front of you. For convenience, we have published
in our public VKontakte such tables for all four
silhouettes in JPEG – leave a link down below. And throw in a sentence there
your feedback on boots Nike, preferably with photos
– share user info – we will publish! Let’s get big
base of cool stuff together? Well, to join the group is not
forget, because we have it cool! Model Nike Phantom Vision released
a year ago instead of a ruler Magista and won the hearts
many Its main feature is the system.
hidden lacing – on contact nothing gets in the way with the ball. This model fits
guys with medium or even a wide foot. Chief Ambassador Viznov
this is kevin de braine, others football players like coutinho
and Mareza never crossed on them finally. Nike is positioning boots
as a model for midfielders with a good pass. Something like Predator from Adidas. From the nuances of this model
I note that its most difficult put on, just because
this lacing system. The top layer does not allow to shash
shoes as you like, by this will have to get used to. Elite version costs 18990
rubles. Top made of material
FlyKnit with ribbed special structure to work with
ball, inside shoe made by technology
Quadfit that gives excellent landing. Top material, closing
laces, extremely smooth without any visible
stitches – all for the perfect ball control. And of course All Condition
Control is present in the elite version. Boots called Pro are
9 thousand – the difference is almost 2 times! External differences not so
many, but they are: another top texture of more
dense material and slightly simplified internal
part. Flagship futzalki and
centipedes in this and some other silhouettes go
In the PRO version – Elite do not look. In the case of the Phantom such shoes
has all the technology standard boots + Nike React foam in the sole
for excellent cushioning. As for me – the model as a whole
successful! Amateur version completed
with even more tight riding and simplified sole. There is only the main feature,
defining model style – Ghost Leather technology – system
hidden lacing but also she slightly different visually
– thicker transitions are visible and seams. Price tag boots 6300 rubles. But in the Academy version you have
opportunity to save – manufacturer produces
two options – the second with open lacing and without
wear. Such shoes will cost you
600 rubles cheaper. Boots for beginners in general
simple – only option with open lacing, absolutely
standard sole and dense top material. Honestly, they are THEY
REMOTELY resemble elite version of. Their price is 4700. Table of differences in front of you,
and now we go further. Nike Phantom Venom is the youngest
brand silhouette. The model was released at the end of 18 years
instead of the Hypervenom series. Venomas have similarities with
predecessor as well with the already legendary Total 90. Unlike Hypervenom, new
comes out now only in no-toe version
– so lovers of the classics should take a closer look. Nike promotes silhouette for
driven forwards and for those who love to hit the goal
– it says not only advertising, but also some
details on the boots themselves. The model is suitable for children
with narrow and medium foot – keep this in mind. Ambassadors – Mauro Icardi,
Harry Kane and Robert Lewandowski. Elite version sold by
price of 17 thousand, which is cheaper previous silhouettes. The top Phantom chip is
rubberized impact zone lining – it looks really
unusual and cool. The top itself is generally adapted
for cool work with the ball and for a comfortable fit: asymmetrical
lacing that is half hidden, gives a large area
touching the ball Upper textured pattern
in the form of honeycombs is also affects the work with
projectile. No tongue – it was replaced
FlyKnit material that improves landing and ventilation. The sole is made by technology
HyperReactive, which has a maximum bend in different directions
for MORE maneuverability. Semi-professional version
made in the tradition of more dense material
top and already with a different texture – it can be seen even from photographs. Tongue less elastic
compared to the elite version. The strike zone is simplified, although
visually the difference is NOTE not right away. But what is interesting – the sole
practically no different and has the same good
flexibility in the front. In the price difference with the flagship
version 9 thousand is more than 2 times! Academy version is cheaper still
for 2 thousand rubles, but how you understand more simplified. The top is similar in material,
but more dense. This also applies to the tongue, which
also changed its structure. Become another and sole,
OBSERVATIONS. Asymmetric unchanged
lacing and textil pad on it. In the amateur version of Phantom
Venom is not a hybrid. MG sole, and every type
separately – and for dry lawn and for synthetics. Well, where without futsalok and
centipedes! Venoms for beginners version
Club cost 4,700 rubles and have already open lacing and
basic details. ON this table can be considered
The difference in levels is more obvious. The fourth silhouette in
our list but far not rated is
Nike Tiempo model. These are classic boots,
which is produced from the beginning 90s! They are still fulfilled.
made of leather although new technology penetrate and here – some
parts of shoes are replaced by FlyKnit for Greater Durability
and weight reduction. Silhouette fit for the most part
parts for soccer players with wide foot and has
stretch property and take the shape of a leg. Nike promotes it like shoes
for defenders, though BRAND ACTED ABOVE
OWN MARKETING strategists – Tiempo played
Ronaldinho, Totti and Pirlo. Elite version completed
soft leather kangaroo in the front and out of the material
Flyknit in heel and uvula area. The use of synthetics is also
BEST AFFECTS for the convenience of landing! Generally feeling the ball in these
boots beautiful! Professional price tag
15 thousand models – the lowest among the elite versions of
Nike. Second level model
Pro is also made of leather. kangaroo. No longer used here.
FlyKnit, the tongue has another construction The sole is also slightly simplified.
in comparison with the top version. Futzalki and centipedes
this level out with a sole on technology
Lunar – it gives cool cushioning. Price Pro version 9700 – also
not a little, but quite justified! Version for lovers COMPLETED
FROM MORE TIGHT AND CHEAP COATS LEATHER. The sole is also simplified. Removing all the technology, Nike
managed to get quite afford an acceptable price tag
up to 5 thousand. Well, the Club version is intended
for very beginner players. Here the manufacturer refused
from the main feature of the silhouette – leather upper, replacing
him on a cheap tight synthetics. The price of 4 thousand is not clear
what’s the point It is better to add a thousand and
take the NEXT LEVEL model. Table of differences at all levels
Nike Tiempo boots in front of you. Beyond the four regular
silhouettes, Nike releases parallel limited
edition goatskin futzalki skin lunar gato and occasionally releases
classic premier model. They do not come out very often,
so dwell on them I will not detail. Now you know the differences
silhouettes from each other and why do they look the same
boots are different! Most importantly – shoes need
choose not based on advertising positioning and from
own preferences and comfort. Try and experiment! AND IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHERE IS GUARANTEED
YOU CAN FIND ALL THE MOST NEW MODELS – then I will tell you. All the newest models
in our friends shop Fankart.ru with delivery
across all Russia and the CIS. Only original shoes
on any wallet. If you want a 10% discount – use
this promo code. Link to the store left
down below. I hope you were interested! If you have questions, I wait
in your instagram – here he is. Subscribe to Ball Lab
– HERE only unique and the necessary info about football
kipe and technology. And our past videos check out
do not forget! I’m Yura Rusanov, bye!

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