Битва производителей футбольных мячей

Битва производителей футбольных мячей

Ball market is equally important
for brands than the football market uniforms or boots – manufacturers
try to enter into sponsorship contracts with different tournaments. But serious advertising
effect can give far not all leagues for reasons
different spectator interest. In the next few minutes
we look at the coolest football tournaments and find out
what balls are there playing And at the same time we will understand what
brand dominates! But before you begin,
remind you that partner our project is
company MarathonBet! Which of the remaining 4
teams favorite Champions League considers Barcelona! What do you think? Link to the marathon leave
below, and now they drove! I’ll start with the national championships. It’s hard to believe, but
yes, such a cool league as The submarine does not have its own
unique ball. Visually, of course, you can
say he is different from others – but this is only
at first sight. As in football form,
brand often act by copy-paste principle, not
doing unique things. Official submarine shell
made on the basis of the standard Nike Merlin ball, just special
color scheme. And we will meet similar
in other tournaments. By the way, about the history of all
english championship balls look at the link in the tooltip
– one of my first videos. They remembered everything at all! And if in the English championship
Nike doesn’t let anyone out competitors a long time ago
they lost in the cups guys from Miter. In the championship of Spain they play
also Nike Merlin balls with a unique coloring but last
season. Next year in la liga
there will be puma balls – big the victory of the German company
in recent years about their professional the balls are all forgotten. Nike was a technical sponsor.
La Liga from season 96-97, but everything has changed. Javier Tebas (league head)
was displeased that Nike made the balls patterned
and they were no different from the shells of other tournaments. The Federation believes that
la liga is worthy of something unique. Puma will pay on contract
1.7 million euros per year, conditions same expiring contract
with Nike unknown but guess that they were worse. In the Spanish Cup they play
balls Adidas Conext 19 – standard current version of the brand
with three stripes. What shells are cut
in Serie A? Well, of course Nike Merlin in a unique
coloring with the logos of the Federation. All standard. By the way, the same balls
play in the cup. But in the B Series prefer
the ball from the brand Kappa – real exotic for this product
categories. In the championships of Germany
and france too interesting balls. Bundesliga before the start
signed this season contract with the brand Derbystar,
which since 1991 belongs Danish company Select. The same shells are played
and in the cup. And in league 1 technical sponsor
is the company UHLSPORT, which is generally famous
thanks to their goalkeeper gloves. It is worth saying that in Germany
and in France before this supplier balls was the company Adidas,
which is literally one moment missed two top
leagues, one of which is home. Even a bit strange. In the Cup of the French League
(tournament, similar to the Cup France and its winner
also goes to the Europa League) play Umbro balls. Such a projectile debuted
in the final between Strasbourg and Gengam. By the way, he was exposed
Harsh criticism of players: “This ball is like a volleyball! His trajectory is unpredictable! ” – said Daniel Congre,
protector of Montpellier. But bright and very rare. In our own RPL and in the Cup
RUSSIA play Nike balls Merlin, which unlike
cooler tournaments even standard
by coloring. Only thing before every
round on these balls are applied league logos and necessary
inscriptions (like titles playing teams) using
conventional thermal transfer. Just like the numbers on the shirts. So do not look for special
Russian Premier Balls leagues. They simply do not exist! But in general, does anyone remember
like in our championship played Select balls? He successfully approached the then
garden gardens. In the Championship of Ukraine the situation
about the same – basic standard nike merlin. Apparently so far our leagues are not
very interesting leading manufacturers. Perhaps worth paying
attention to smaller partnership companies? We would like our
the champs were unique balls? Such as for example in the championship
Holland. This is the second season for
of this spectacular tournament balls supplied by DerbyStar. And in the season 19-20 they will
called Rembrandtbal. These shells are a real work.
Art – in them design inspired by the works of Rembrandt. This idea is implemented
in honor of the “Year of Rembrandt” – 2019th DEDICATED IN HOLLAND
the legendary artist since this year marks
350 years since his death. Go ahead. In the championships of Turkey and
Portugal play all those same standard balls
Nike Merlin. But for the American
MLS Adidas makes unique in appearance the ball that
called adidas nativo questra. How do you? Well, I can not fail to mention
leagues of countries where also not few people watch us
– big hello to you! In the championship of Kazakhstan
play balls adidas cononext 19 – new this season from
German brand, and here in the Championship of Belarus prefer
old adidas telstar which played in the group stage
World Championship 2018. In the play of, if you remember
the balls were with red details but in the group stage for sure
same as now in Belarus – with black and gray details. INADCONNO, only WHY
the tournament is the league Champions It is therefore not surprising
what is there playing unique exclusive ball that
not at all like one other. It is produced by the company.
Adidas in corporate design tournament with panels in the form of
stars By the way, we recently opened
such a ball and looked what it is made of. If you have not seen yet – be sure to
look at the link in hint. But the balls for the Europa League
makes the company Molten – Japanese the brand took the second
significance of the European Cup guys from adidas. The ball is called enough
predictably: Molten Europa League. The UEFA Super Cup is played
Adidas balls. So in the last draw
he was a bit like telstar structure with slightly
changed colors. But the Club Championship
Mira was played with balls which were used
on the world championship 2018 in Russia – Adidas Telstar in red
– Version for play off. We are transported to South America. Libertadores Cup is played
balls Nike Merlin CSF – the situation about the same as
in the submarine. Standard projectile Nike Merlin,
with slightly modified color scheme and logo of the tournament. No wonder the president
la league these balls are fed up. Even I’m already tired of saying
their name) Very interesting situation
with the Asian Champions League. Guys from the same company
Molten I mentioned above contracted
to supply balls for everyone tournaments under the auspices of the Asian
Confederation football except Asian Champions League. There the balls deliver and
produces all the same company Molten, but under the Adidas brand
– This is a standard model. Conext 19. Is amazing? Actually Molten is
exclusive distributor and what is important – the manufacturer
Adidas products in Japan. ASIAN LEAGUE OF CHAMPIONS
PRESERVED Namely German brand
BECAUSE most likely it was a prerequisite
Adidas before signing a contract with the Japanese and transfer
they are part of the rights. In the competition teams situation
next: The most prestigious tournament
– World Championship is already very long been sponsored by the company
Adidas. It’s hard to imagine
to play the world championship some other balls
brand. Balls from the World Championships
go down in history and their very long will remember
– like Timgeist or Jabulani. European Championships also
are played by Adidas projectiles. At Euro 2016 were presented
shells called beau Joe, and now in the selection play
balls Adidas Conext19 EQ – based on standard Conext. New tournament League of Nations
also busy with adidas – full hegemony! But for the upcoming
America’s Cup Company Nike introduced the ball, under
called Nike Rabisco! Should I remind you that
it is based on the standard Merlin? Creative, as always not enough. Well, as I said above,
Asian Cup play balls Molten, but the African Cup
Nations now collaborates with the English brand Miter. Let’s try to look at
ball market situation in whole When analyzing the top 10 European
national championships ball brand situation
next: unconditionally Nike dominates – 70% of the market. 10% for Adidas, UHLSport and Derbystar. Puma will be added soon. In international club
tournaments are a different picture: Adidas dominates with almost
the same 70 percent Nike and molten have a small share
(we will show figures on installation). In the tournament market among
national teams also dominates Adidas – 50% of contests
play balls exactly this brand. The remaining positions are equal
degrees divided between is Molten, Miter and Nike. And speaking generally
about all more or less significant competitions, including national
cups, the situation is as follows: Nike owns about 38%
market, adidas 35% and the rest brands are divided among themselves
26% of the market. From all this follows
the conclusion is that the big players dominate the field of football
balls and small brands account for quite difficult. Despite the preponderance of Nike,
I would point out adidas, since they first make their
balls more unique and secondly – their shells
play ON more prestigious Tournaments – SUCH AS: Championship
World Championship Europe and the Champions League. Nike is trying to dominate
in the national leagues market and cups, but as we see
starts losing ground. La Liga is the first to sound the alarm
and expressed dissatisfaction patterned ball! Write balls from what
brand you want to play your favorite
league? Which ones do you like? Personally, I would like to
in the RPL played balls DerbyStar – I am very impressed with the approach
this brand! Come to my instagram
– there I am doing polls on the closest topics of the video,
doing short boxing new boots. And just ask me
questions in Direct on gear. I answer all! And do not forget about our
public vkontakte where we talk about all
news from the world of football technology and bales! From you subscription to the channel
and the bell with us interesting content! It’s up to you! Watch our past videos
and check out our channel about tennis. I’m Yura Rusanov, Bye!

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